Titanic Exhibition in London's O2 Kicks Off Titanic 100th Anniversary

22 Million people worldwide have seen the RMS Titanic Exhibition to date and a record turnout is expected during the November 5 to May 1 Exhibition dates

The RMS Titanic arrived in London this week after sailing from Melbourne, Australia and a highly successful exhibition where 300,000 people visited Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition since it opened at the Melbourne Museum in April.

The public has an insatiable hunger for all that is Titanic. Last week an original promotional poster celebrating the Titanic's maiden voyage sold for $109,000. in London. The Titanic Exhibition which just opened at the London O2 features new, never before seen artifacts. In addition to the artifacts that have been touring the globe on exhibition, the new collection of Titanic artifacts is sure to attract a record number of visitors.

Preserving Titanic artifacts requires a collaborative team of conservators, curators, registrars, archaeologists, historians and other experts to provide continual care and maintenance of the collection from the moment of recovery onward. By strictly following their procedures, RMST can safely share these unique artifacts with the public while respecting their historical context as reminders of the RMS Titanic legacy.

Coal recovered from the "2000 Research and Recovery Exp0edition" to the RMS Titanic has been designed into a Limited Edition 100th Anniversary Commemorative Coin that is now available for purchase to preserve the memory of the Titanic and those who died on that voyage. Each collector coin is engraved with its own unique registration number and includes a Certificate of authenticity issued by RMS Titanic plus comes encased in a clear acrylic protective case. Each certificate carries the RMS Titanic Seal by RMS Titanic, Inc. ensuring that is it inlaid with actual coal from the Titanic.

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