TitanHQ Launches SafeTitan Security Awareness Training for MSPs

SafeTitan for MSPs is an enterprise-grade security awareness training and phishing simulator, delivering everything you need to improve your clients' cyber resilience and guard them against cyber threats.

SafeTitan for MSPs

TitanHQ is delighted to announce the official launch of SafeTitan Security Awareness Training for Managed Service Providers (MSP's). Working with their MSP advisory council and MSP customer base TitanHQ have refined and developed this unique solution that is purpose built for MSPs.

SafeTitan for MSPs is an enterprise-grade security awareness training and phishing simulator, delivering everything you need to improve your clients' cyber resilience and guard them against phishing threats. 

Key additional features of the new product include:
1. Mass campaigns and trainings

2. Direct email injection (Graph API)

3. Scheduled client reporting

4. New MSP Dashboard for quick actions and live analytics

5. Dynamic User Management

To assist MSP's in selling Security Awareness Training TitanHQ is also offering MSPs 40 free phishing emails to demonstrate to clients just how effective the solution is.

"The MSP requested features added to our SafeTitan security awareness and phishing training tool makes it even easier for MSPs to protect their clients from advanced phishing and malware attacks," said Ronan Kavanagh CEO at TitanHQ. "We believe these key features are game-changers for MSPs seeking to expand their security offerings and scale their businesses, while improving profitability."

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About TitanHQ

TitanHQ offers a best-in-class SaaS Cybersecurity Platform delivering a layered security solution to prevent user vulnerability. Our MSP-centric platform enables our partners to generate recurring revenue through the sale of our solutions to SMBs and to scale and effectively manage their own businesses.


Appendix 1:

Interesting Security Awareness Training Statistics:

  1. 57% of SMBs do not run a security awareness training program at all. 
  2. 60% of MSPs offer SAT as part of their managed services offering.
  3. The average phishing susceptibility rate across all industries globally is 37.9%.
  4. SafeTitan's triggered phishing training reduces this threat to below 3%.
  5. Human error is accountable for 90% of security breaches. 
  6. 80% of organizations have experienced a noticeable reduction in phishing susceptibility as a result of security awareness training
  7. The SAT market currently exceeds $1 billion annually, and grows at a rate of 13% per year.
  8. 69% of SMBs would hold their MSP accountable at some level for a phishing breach

Appendix 2:
SafeTitan For MSPs Allows You : 

  • Offer affordable and scalable security awareness training to enhance your security stack, grow your security business and realize ROI.
  • Offer a fully rebrandable solution to your customers - this is your solution offered by you the MSP. 
  • MSP Dashboard - View all quick actions and live analytics in one place with our MSP dashboard
  • Provide phishing simulation, training, quizzes, videos, smishing and phishing reporting is a matter of couple minutes. 
  • Access to 1.8K+ phishing templates, 80+ Videos, trainings sessions & webinars. 
  • Easy to understand content in manageable pieces - never lasts more than 8-10 minutes. 
  • Mass campaigns & Training - no need to spend hours for selecting customers and assigning one-by-one. Select multiple and spin up a training or create a group of customers for future use.
  • Schedule - create a campaign or training and schedule execution N times per week/month/year - no effort required, just enjoy the reporting outcome. 
  • SSO ready - no more annoying entering of logins and passwords.
  • Direct Email Injection (Graph API) - phishing simulation emails delivered directly into user`s mailboxes. No need to spend resources and time configuring allowed lists or firewalls.
  • Dynamic User Management - already have an active campaign and need to add additional users - no problem!
  • Auto enrolment for risky clickers - if a predefined action is performed (i.e. user clicked a link in training phishing email) user is automatically assigned to a training simulation.
  • Scheduled client reporting - configure reports in couple of clicks and enjoy new data weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually.

Source: TitanHQ

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