Titan Fitness Launches Fully Loaded Fan Bike to Enhance Any Home Gym

Bringing power and versatility to home gyms across the United States, Titan Fitness expands their product line in full swing of New Year's resolutions with the release of their fully loaded Fan Bike.

Titan Fitness, a subsidiary company of Titan Brands, announces the launch of their Fan Bike, a stationary bike that combines air resistance with leg and arm movements to give the user a full-body workout, taking any fitness routine to the next level. Based in Memphis, TN, Titan Fitness offers premium fitness equipment to enthusiasts and professionals alike that are looking to build out their home gym. With home gyms advancing and the need for more rising, Titan Fitness is seizing a moment to compete with other fitness equipment suppliers across the United States by offering an air bike that excels in quality, price, and satisfaction.

"With home gyms growing at an exponential rate, the need for versatile fitness equipment is at an all-time high" states Austin Speck, CEO of Titan Brands. "Launching the Fan Bike at the beginning of 2021 showcases not only the positive changes that are happening here at Titan Fitness, but also the change for a better year where New Year resolutions will be met within the comfort of one's own home."

While air bikes similar to the Fan Bike are currently being sold, Titan Fitness brings to the table an affordable, fully loaded bike with key features that would typically be considered as add-ons for other air bikes. This cost-effective solution gives customers the features they need to make their workouts more efficient, generating the same power and versatility as their competitors but at a better cost to the consumer. A few attributes include a wind guard, turf tires and handle, water bottle holder, LCD screen with a phone holder and an enclosed metal drive chain.

"We wanted to give our customers a fully loaded bike, one that offers everything they need at the time of purchase versus adding to the bike whenever costs allow it," states Cason Mclean, Director of Product Management at Titan Brands. "Giving the customers what they want when they want it will drive Titan Fitness to a new level of competition within the fitness equipment industry."

To learn more about the Titan Fitness Fan Bike, visit https://www.titan.fitness/fanbike.html.

About Titan Fitness
At Titan Fitness, the focus is simple — it's about people. By providing premium fitness equipment without the premium price, anyone can have access to build their home gym. Disrupting the high-cost fitness equipment market through superior product acquisition, leading-edge e-commerce capabilities, and world-class service, Titan Fitness provides the freedom to achieve stronger, healthier, and more fulfilling lives to those that shop their brand.  

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At Titan Brands, the focus is simple — it's about people. By providing customers easy access to premium products, without the premium cost, Titan Brands enriches and simplifies life by giving customers the freedom to buy.