Titan Farms is Pleased to Announce the Addition of Pan & Piper Diversified Options, LLC to Its Ongoing Development Operations in West Henderson, Nevada

Titan Farms and Pan And Piper

Pan & Piper, a boutique real-estate investment firm based in Des Moines, Iowa, will be joining an already robust group pouring major capital into the area. The group is said to be focusing on zoning changes for both commercial and multifamily residential uses with the project serving to create jobs, affordable housing, and support services. The development in question will encompass both private and city-owned land.

The West Henderson area is undergoing extensive development and remodeling, with a project announcement in 2021 by M Resort owner Anthony Marnell estimated at $250M and including over 400 acres; a 268-acre venture called Project Breezy being developed by Panattoni Development Co.; two Amazon distribution centers totaling nearly a million square feet being completed; and the announcement less than a month ago that Kennedy Wilson, a Beverly Hills, California-based real-estate firm, acquired 3001 Park for over $150M with plans to completely refurbish. Now add to that impressive list Pan & Piper's track record of success.

"This is a booming area," said Elissa Wyrick, Senior Vice President of Development for Titan Farms. "In the past few years, it has been flooded with new apartment complexes and housing tracts, warehouses, retail, and other major projects, not to mention the Raiders' football practice facility," Wyrick continued. "The influence of Pan & Piper contributing to the growth of West Henderson, alongside the likes of Lennar Corporation and Marnell Companies, will only serve to benefit the area."

Since its inception a few short years ago, Pan & Piper has unveiled property plans, successfully developed, and been partners in ownership groups not just in the Las Vegas area, but in Colorado, Missouri, Florida, Minnesota, and Iowa. Their projects have ranged from distinctive apartment proposals and sprawling multi-million-dollar office spaces, to entertainment districts, concert venues, and mixed-use developments.

"We seek a project that complements the incredible development already occurring in the area," Allen Stoye, Principal at Pan & Piper and Managing Partner at Stoye & Kann Development, commented. "It will support major themes in the City's Master Plan and be a strategic investment in the future of the entire area. The greater Las Vegas area, and Henderson in particular, is a place we have looked to be involved in since 2017, and our agreement with Titan is part of a long process that we are happy to see come to fruition."

"The transformative plans that Pan & Piper have presented to municipalities across the country and succeeded in bringing to fruition are truly amazing," Wyrick added. "We are very pleased to have them join the team."

The project is expected to break ground summer 2022.

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Source: Titan Farms