TISSUE REGENERATION TECHNOLOGIES Announces That Its First Coronavirus Clinical Trial Has Been Initiated Utilizing Unfocused Shockwave Therapy (SoftWaves®)

Additionally, TRT has filed a second patent in the war Against COVID 19. The patent is for the treatment of lung (and other organ) disorders and diseases such as COVID-19 and COPD with shockwaves to treat the virus and avert mortality in order to accelerate the recovery of afflicted patients.

Tissue Regeneration Technologies

Tissue Regeneration Technologies (TRT) announced today an important addition to our patent family to potentially aid in the fight against the Coronavirus. This patent applies the known mechanisms of action of unfocused shockwaves against this deadly virus. It is documented that the application of shock waves can produce the following effects in vivo:

● Stem cell activation

● Modulation of inflammation

● Blood flow improvement

● Antimicrobial and antiviral

● Dislodging, liquefaction and dilution of viscous fluids such as phlegm

All of these effects may aid in the fight against the Coronavirus. The last bullet point may allow for life-threatening mucous to be expelled more efficiently. As shockwaves pass through tissue types with differing acoustic properties (lung tissues and thick mucus produced by COVID type viruses), energy is released at the interfaces, which is theorized to contribute to the dislodging of mucus that has been observed immediately after treatment. Additionally, the known anti-inflammatory properties of shockwaves may modulate the inflammatory overreaction initiated by COVID-19. Finally, the reparative properties of Shockwaves, including the activation of resident stem cells, may aid in the recovery and regeneration of damaged lung tissue.

John Warlick, CEO states, “the most exciting development is that we have initiated our first clinical trial enrolling those patients where both ventilators and ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) have failed to stabilize the patient. Based on the fast-acting mechanism of action discussed above, we hope to release the initial results very soon. We have been very cautious to develop our unfocused Shockwave (SoftWave®) therapy for the treatment of the lungs as there are many misconceptions about the risks associated with shockwaves and lung tissue developed from the thirty plus years of utilizing high energy, focused shockwaves to destroy kidney stones. TRT’s unique, patented low energy unfocused shockwaves do not adversely affect lung tissue as previously feared. This has been demonstrated with extensive invitro and invivo trials.”

CEO John Warlick further states, “TRT has assembled a team of doctors, engineers, and physicists to support this Herculean effort to eradicate the virus in the lungs. More importantly, TRT will release an open-source “white paper” site for others to contribute to this project. This project is too critical to handle on our own. We need to enlist additional experts in this endeavor. We know shockwaves influence most of the known biologic pathways to disrupt viral replication and aid in the support of the patient's recovery. We are very confident in the outcome of our fight to destroy the effects of the virus.”

Ironically, a virus is a very fragile agent. Others seek very elaborate, expensive technologies to fight viruses. Sometimes you just need a sonic hammer. At the most basic level, shockwaves are just a biologic hammer triggering a basic biological response.”

​Please review the attached PDF below for full release.

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