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​They say a person who is always ‘full on beans’ is a person who maintains a healthy lifestyle. If you are one of those people who make a new year’s resolution every year about eating healthy then I have only one question for you: How’s that working out?

Well let me tell you, binge eating while watching Rachel Ray is not the smartest thing to do.

While food is one factor that does not promote a healthy lifestyle, cooped up in your room and doing nothing is also something that holds you back. So, are you ready to live your life to the fullest? Then read on to get some of the best tips on how to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle!

Tip #1

The Key to Being Healthy – Veggies, Meet Fish

A crunchy chicken broast and a juicy steak, sounds mouthwatering doesn’t it? However, you are just eating loads of carbs without anything of value that will provide you real energy. First thing first, in order to get your Vitamin D3, have fish at least twice a week. Try adding some nuts to your meal. Surprisingly, they give the meal a richer taste. Second, make a little side salad.

Veggies you can add to your salad:

·       Carrot

·       Celery

·       Potato

·       Onion

·       Mushroom

Foods rich in Vitamin D:

·       Tuna

·       Salmon

·       Cheese

·       Beef liver

·       Egg yolks

Tip #2

The Key to Happiness and a Little Tan - Bask In the Sunlight

Do you know that a little sunlight can change your mood? Well, that and a change of scenery. Sunlight is one of the biggest sources of Vitamin D, which can give you many skin benefits. You can prevent diseases such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, osteoporosis and heart problems.

So, take a hike in the morning with your friends or go jogging. Visit a beach and play volleyball or just work on your tan.

Tip #3

Sleep Well – What’s Your Magic Number?

Studies report that an adult must have at least seven hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation can make you cranky, lazy and dull. The trick to finding out how many hours you need for a good night’s sleep is sleeping early.

Make a ritual and follow that before you sleep. This will trick your brain into getting ‘in the mood’ so that you can sleep soundly.

For example:

·       Try getting into bed early, around 9 PM.

·       Drink a glass of milk before sleeping.

·       Prop up your pillows and read a novel .

Tip #4

Not a Fan of Exercising? Try Yoga

If you hate jogging on a treadmill or bicycling then yoga just might be your calling card. The calm from yoga:

·       Relieves stress.

·       Helps with your digestion.

·       Perfects your posture (get rid of that belly pooch).

·       Helps you sleep more soundly.

·       Makes you happy.

Maintaining a pose for a long time is excruciating but in yoga, this helps with blood flow and strengthens your muscles. The flexibility you get helps you burn more calories in your daily task. 

Vitamins for Happiness – Can Vitamins Help with Mood?

Did you ever wonder that a vitamin could change your mood? The key to being healthy has everything thing to do with your diet. An average person does not exercise regularly, forgets to drink his daily quota of water and has an irregular diet. So I ask you, from where are you getting your health vitamins? Eating something sweet after every meal is not good for your health but we have found a way to keep your sweet tooth satisfied.

Raise your hand if you love gummy bears. Well, duh! Who doesn’t? Did you ever imagine that the key to happiness and a healthy lifestyle would be these small, chewy and sugary gummies? Well, it’s true! VitaFive has come up with a unique way for you to sneak vitamins in your diet.

This small packet of Vitamin D gummies can, not only become your sweet treat, it can also help you live a healthy and happy life. The vegetarian gummy is the answer to all your Vitamin D needs. The best part about these gummies is that not only does the company let you choose your own gummies, they print your name on every sachet so that yours does not get mixed with any one else. How cool is that!

Benefits of VitaFive’s Vitamin D Gummies

·       Strengthens the bones.

·       Helps you maintain a happy attitude.

·       Improves cognitive function.

About VitaFive

VitaFive is an online health subscription company. The company’s main aim is to promote a happy and healthy lifestyle by providing people the necessary supplements in the form of gummies. A person can customize their gummies amongst the following eight:

·       Vitamin C

·       Vitamin D3

·       Multivitamin

·       Calcium

·       Biotin

·       Melatonin

·       Omega-3

·       CoQ10

Customers receive a four-month packet with twenty gummy sachets for each day. The gummies are for adults as well as children. VitaFive’s motto is “Health without the Hassle”, which is apt because the company sends you your daily vitamins with regularity. So, what are you waiting for? Visit VitaFive right now and start making your gummy packet. Call at 1-844-848-2555 to learn more.

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