Tips For Lawyers: How To Not Get Lost Among Documents And Manage Them Correctly

Managing Legal Documents Correctly

If you are a lawyer who's struggling to keep your documents organized, you're not the only one. With clients becoming more demanding comes more responsibility and consequences. Losing a document or taking extra time to complete a task can be disastrous. To avoid that from happening and finally get your documents in order, here are a few practical tips that can turn you into an organizational ninja, for example using legal tech tools like Loio.

1. Gradually move away from paper

Today, lawyers who have their sights on the future are abandoning paper contracts in favor of digital ones that are more productive in less time than usual.

Your priority should be organization and the first step is digitizing any physical documents you might have. After that, we recommend moving your client intake online which will help you stay on your brand new paperless path.

Keeping everything digital is not only a good idea but also a necessary one with legal tech tools like Loio.

For instance, going through drafts is easier since you can automatically find mistakes and gain access to all the key details in your documents. This is just one advantage of legal software - there's plenty more where that came from. It is designed to make your life easier.

2. Get rid of unnecessary files

Going paperless isn't a magic bullet that's going to solve all of your problems in itself. 

Deleting unnecessary files periodically ensures you won't get buried in useless files like duplicates. By doing this, you will have an easier time navigating and accessing your digital storage.

3. Keep folder structures and naming conventions consistent

Pay attention to how your folders are organized and how you are naming your files. You can be more efficient if your workflow isn't hindered by an inconsistent folder structure.

Make sure you and everyone in your team are consistent with the use of the folder structure you ultimately settle on.

The same applies to your naming conventions, whatever they may be.

4. Invest in software for document management

There are many benefits to investing in a specialized legal document management system (DMS).

Most importantly, you won't even need to rely on folder structures for file retrieval as a good DMS will allow you to tag your documents according to various factors, making them easily searchable.

Say goodbye to inefficiency 

Cleaning out and improving folder structures while introducing a great new naming convention might be the thing that helps you stay organized.

Efficiency is something you learn. It can be the difference between a lawyer burdened with paperwork and a thriving one who focuses most of their time on what they do best - practicing law.

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