Tips and Health Advice for Bodybuilders by Inside Bodybuilding

Inside Bodybuilding is a virtual clinic that offers advice to budding bodybuilders on how to best go about optimizing their growth and sustaining their physique in the least harmful ways, with priority placed on health. Located in Melksham, England, they offer both home visits and online consultations. 

They go in-depth into various topics relevant to their audiences and provide insight into bodybuilding in the past, how muscle growth or muscle memory works, along with other industry information that can help keep bodybuilders strong and mentally sound. 

Advocates of healthy living, along with healthy weight training, Inside Bodybuilding's vision is to lend support to all bodybuilders, whether male or female, professional or amateur. 

Intuitive Training and Experimentation Is Key

Back in the '50s to '70s, largely hailed as the Golden Age of bodybuilding, bodybuilders would train intuitively. This experimentation led to Tom Platz squatting for up to four hours a day, resulting in what Inside Bodybuilding calls, "greatest legs in bodybuilding."

We have long known that everyone's body responds differently to various foods and exercises, which is why there are so many different methods of weightlifting and diets. For instance, some modern bodybuilders swear by intermittent fasting, despite it being associated with muscle loss. It's important to note that due to all the differences in our bodies - from the way we metabolize down to the way our muscles react to various stimuli - one man's trash might truly be another man's treasure.

Having the freedom and open-mindedness to try different things that you feel comfortable with, which have been cleared by a medical practitioner, can prove to be effective for you, even if it isn't officially recognized.  

Muscle Doesn't Die

One popular myth is that when you lose muscle, it is permanent. Muscle memory is a very real phenomenon whereby your body can easily return to the shape that it once had through relatively less training than you had to put yourself through when you were attaining that shape for the first time. All of this lies in the way that muscle is formed through the development of nuclei and the amount of nuclei you gain does not fade away even when you have stopped lifting. 

One way to get your gains back is by lifting again, and, depending on how much muscle you lost, it might take you anywhere from a week to a month for you to regain the muscle that has shrunk.

However, if your muscle loss is caused by high levels of cortisol, you will have to get to the root of your problem before you see any improvement. One example listed on Inside Bodybuilding talks about a bodybuilder who lost muscle due to continuously doing high intensity interval training on an empty stomach which catapulted him into a catabolic state. Consuming eggs or a banana prior to training can help keep blood sugars balanced while maintaining low cortisol levels. 

Source: Inside Bodybuilding