Timothy 'Smitty' Smith's New Book 'I Will Not Have 'Pun' in Class!' is a Fun Read That Encourages Readers to Think Outside the Original Meaning of Words or Phrases

Fulton Books author Timothy "Smitty" Smith, a cheerful and dedicated family man, talented author, and an inventor with a US Patent under his name, has completed his most recent book "I Will Not Have 'Pun' In Class!": a lighthearted piece filled with jokes and puns to humor one's day. Using 920 words that are commonly used, the author created his own version of a dictionary to spread knowledge and laughter. Some puns require more thought, but it's definitely a great mental exercise.

Smith shares, "I Will Not Have 'Pun' in Class! takes everyday words that sound like other words and phrases and humorously alters the original meaning.

"The words are in a dictionary format and includes 920 everyday words, their original meaning, my new punny meaning, and a sentence that supports my new meaning.

"Also, there are over five hundred first and last names that sound funny together that teachers would laugh at while taking roll call in class. To finish it off, there are some cannibal jokes. The slower you say all of them, the 'punnier' it gets!"

Published by Fulton Books, Timothy "Smitty" Smith's book is a delightful work that can be used as a tool for broadening one's vocabulary. 

Smittionary is absolutely a punny work of art.

Readers who wish to experience this adorable work can purchase "I Will Not Have 'Pun' In Class!" at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books