Timothy Hadaway Finds Treasure on the Beach

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I know you've heard about the culture of people using a metal detector to find something valuable on the beach. How many of you knew someone that actually discovered a valuable object? Timothy Hadaway is one of those people, and you'll love his story.

Mr. Timothy is a young gardener from Santa Monica, California, who spends his free time as a treasure hunter. Not too long ago, he discovered something that many search their whole life for. While having a typical day on the beach, using his metal detector, Mr. Timothy struck gold.

"I used to do it for a long time. When I was young, my parents used to have some kind of a ritual if they were to give me a present: I had to search for it. You might find it interesting; some people smoke, some people do drugs, some people drink, I just search for treasure. My family did a great job because whenever I had to search and find my present in my house or outside, I used to get really excited. This is how our internal reward system works. It's fascinating how something such as a neurotransmitter can do; sometimes I wonder if it's emotions or just chemicals in our brain. Having to search for something in order to get the reward, excites the willpower and when you find it, you get a small dose of dopamine. This is exactly how I felt when I found the gold," said Timothy Hadaway.

When asked if he ever found anything else besides the gold he found now, Mr. Hadaway replied: "Yes, I used to find weird stuff from time to time. Maybe a message in a bottle which might have been just a prank, or an old souvenir. Sometimes there would be old coins from the 1800s with no value, old photos, etc. Most of the times you find nothing, but I still take two hours of my day to do my job as a part-time treasure hunter. Usually, when I finish my work at 6 p.m., I go to my place, eat something and go to the beach. I live in Santa Monica, so it makes my hobby easier."

On Saturday, however, Mr. Hadaway came across something extremely rare for a treasure hunter: more than 32 foreign gold coins buried under the sand. The coins value more than 2 million and a half dollars. When we asked what is he going to do with the money, Mr. Hadaway said: "Well, first things first, I will give myself a well-deserved vacation. I will also put my metal detector on standby for a while. I always loved gardening, so maybe I will extend my garden and make it look amazing. Investing them is not a bad idea, maybe a gardening business or a furniture store? There's enough time for me to think about it. As for 1 million dollars, I will donate them to charity. I grew in poverty; I know what it means to struggle. This is why I was so excited when my parents used to give me presents. Not only because they had me search for it, but because it was such a rare event. I want to help the poor families. Those kids deserve better. Maybe I deserved better too, or maybe this is why I had to struggle for – to help everyone else."

The old coins seem to be from Catalunya. They are believed to be stolen by pirates and happen to come to Santa Monica a long time ago after a shipwreck, experts say.

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