Timothy Gallwey Upends Salesperson Coaching With a New Course for Salespeople Based on the Inner Game

Timothy Gallwey teams up with Jeffrey Lipsius

The sales training industry is about to experience a transformation. Timothy Gallwey transformed performance coaching in the 70’s with his groundbreaking book, The Inner Game of Tennis. Now his sights are set on the selling profession. He teamed up with the Selling To The Point® sales training firm to show salespeople how to harness their Inner Game for peak selling performance. The course launches in the Los Angeles area on Saturday May 6th.

Timothy Gallwey’s Inner Game forever changed the performance coaching field by outlining the role of mindset for attaining peak performance. Famous coaches and athletes including Tom Brady, Steve Kerr, and Pete Carroll used principles and methods from his The Inner Game of Tennis book to optimize their own state of being for best performance, both for themselves and their teams.

The Inner Game method achieved world-wide recognition because it didn’t only apply to athletic performance. Gallwey worked with companies such as AT&T, Apple, Rolls-Royce, many others to empower self-development of their employees.

There is no doubt that selling success is based upon performance. Salespeople tend to think it’s their performance that counts the most. But according to Gallwey it’s not the salesperson’s performance that’s most important— it’s the buyer’s. Salespeople perform best by facilitating their buyer’s decision making.

Gallwey discovered that over-controlling behaviors and attitudes interfere with the athlete’s performance, and that the same holds true for selling performance. The problem with over-controlling is that it normally evokes resistance on the part of the performer, in this case, the buyer. Why should the buyer open up to a person who has already decided what the buyer’s best decision will be?

Selling To The Point’s uniquely customer-centered approach trains salespeople to work together with buyers as a team. Their common goal is for buyers to make better decisions. Isn’t that why would want to speak with a salesperson?

Sales trainer and author, Jeffrey Lipsius, will be co-facilitating with Timothy Gallwey. Jeffrey Lipsius is the author of the book, “Selling To The Point,” which applies The Inner Game to salesperson performance.

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