Timestrip Launches New Temperature App

Improved cold chain management for blood and food products

Timestrip Android App

Time and Temperature Indicator (TTI) maker Timestrip UK Limited, today launches its Temperature App, a new tool that provides a cost-free digital visual audit trail for its cold chain management indicator labels.

Data logger functionality at a fraction of the price

Timestrip UK CEO Reuben Isbitsky says: "I am very excited about the launch of our first App, which brings Timestrip TTI labels very close to data logger functionality, at a fraction of the price. While a key benefit of Timestrip products is that they do not need external infrastructure to read and interpret, using the optional Timestrip Temperature App to scan them, adds enhanced functionality, an easy audit trail and provides the customer with a permanent record of the history of the product’s journey."

Key features of the App include:

  • Free download from Google Play Store with iOS to follow
  • Keeps track of all Timestrip TTI labels and their activation status (inert, activated, breached)
  • Permanent storage of time and geo-location information in the cloud
  • Access to information via an account from website as well as a smartphone
  • Visual audit trail provided by taking a photo of both the Timestrip TTI label serial numbers and its indicator window
  • Temperature App user guide available here

About Timestrip UK Ltd: Timestrip UK Ltd is a high tech company producing smart, low-cost cold chain management labels for the storage and transportation of blood and food products. In the medical sector, its non-reversible Time and Temperature Indicators ensure that blood products are safe to use and for the food industry, that spoilage and C Botulinum contamination are prevented.

For more information about Timestrip UK Ltd, please visit www.timestrip.com.

Media Contact: Rebecca Chan, rebecca@timestrip.com

Source: Timestrip UK Limited


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