Timberspan Wood Products to Exhibit at Canada North Resource Show

Timberspan Wood Products will be exhibiting at the Canada North Resources Expo in Prince George from May 29-30 at the CN Centre

Timberspan Wood Products provides douglas fir timbers wood and dimensional lumber for commercial and industrial applications. From bridge building, drill pads, trailer pads, rig mats and structural support our products provide design and support using northern BC douglas fir.  Timberspan uses quality douglas fir trees from Northern British Columbia for timbers, dimensional lumber and wood chips. We produce no waste wood or wood by products in our operations. All aspects of the locally harvested tree is used in all our production. European standards and methods are used in the production of all our products. 

Timberspan Wood Products uses natural process in the drying of of timbers and make sure that our environmental foot print is kept to a minimum. We have a renewable product that is important to the long life of our business

We have shipped our custom sized lumber throughout Canada and the US as well as the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Please come visit us at booth #332