TikTok Couple Lexy and Austin Burke Share Their Latest Viral Philanthropic Moment on ABC News

Couple Crowdfunded $1,100 in One Hour; Video Surpasses 20+ Million Views

TikTok star Lexy Burke (@LexyLately) and husband, country singer Austin Burke (@AustinBurkeMusic) shared details about their latest viral moment on ABC News last night (7/27). The couple, known for starting the "Venmo Challenge," surprised an 11-year-old boy with $1,100 after seeing him hosting a lemonade stand in the suburbs of Music City in 102-degree heat. The viral two-part video has been viewed collectively 20+ million times.

Watch the viral videos part 1 HERE and part 2 HERE

As soon as the couple spotted the pre-teen, they sprung into action, calling on all of their followers to raise as much money as possible in 1 hour. After a quick trip to the bank, they were able to surprise the future soccer star with more than what he needed for his dream trip to Portugal to attend a soccer camp. 

"I've had a little over $400 in my Venmo from previous challenges and have been waiting for the right moment to surprise someone. As soon as we saw Niko, we knew we wanted to do anything we could to help him," shares Lexy. "I'm so grateful that our paths crossed and that social media was able to help us share his story and be able to support someone that was working so hard and more than deserving."

"I always wanted to give to a lemonade stand because I grew up doing them with my brother and sisters. Seeing how hard this kid was working in 102-degree weather is a type of work ethic you can't teach," shares Austin. "Niko is an extraordinarily special kid with big dreams and that's something Lexy and I understand all too well." 

This isn't the first time the couple has shared in the spotlight for their generous nature. Since creating the "Venmo Challenge" in 2020, they've raised over $300,000 and have been able to surprise over 170 recipients.  



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