Tignes French Ski Resort Boosts Its Commitment to the Environment

The STGM (Société des téléphériques de la Grande Motte), the lift company that runs and operates the ski area at french Tignes ski resort, recently earned certification from the international organization GREEN GLOBE (greenglobe.com) for its actions and commitment to social, economic, cultural, and environmental responsibility.

​​​​​​​​To obtain Green Globe certification, the STGM implemented a well-defined action plan ranging from sustainability management, to support for local industries, to environmental protection, complying with 40 standards criteria categories encompassing 300 required and optional compliance indicators. Green Globe certification requires companies to make a long-term commitment. To maintain Green Globe certification, companies must pass an onsite​ audit every two years to ensure that they continue to move forward with the actions implemented.

The STGM now ranks among the 450 tourism companies across the world with Green Globe certification, and is the only ski area on the list. The 3680 ha resort offers skiers the chance to enjoy 74 runs 42 weeks out of the year, and is recognized worldwide for complying with strict international standards that encourage sustainable development in tourism.

This commitment to sustainable development is nothing new. Since 2008, the STGM has been ISO 14001 certified to reduce its environmental impact; more than 100 lift towers have been dismantled and removed from the ski area. Every year grass is planted to better integrate the ski runs into the landscape, to provide a more stable base for the snowpack, and to restore local biodiversity. The STGM regularly renews its bus fleet, offering an efficient and environmentally friendly​ bus service to guests, who are encouraged to leave their cars in the parking lot when vacationing at the resort.

In 2013, the STGM created an environmental monitoring committee to measure and evaluate the effect new projects will have on the local landscape and to inventory species of plants and animals within the ski area. Green Globe certification also places an emphasis local employment, an issue that STGM executives care deeply about. “Our role as a major local stakeholder pushed us to initiate the Green Globe certification process. We are developing purchasing and hiring policies that favor the local economy and local employment. Our goal is to continue to pursue this commitment, which is beneficial both environmentally and socially,” explains Nicolas Provendie, CEO of the STGM.

In February 2015, the STGM started the process to comply with Green Globe standards. The ski area received official certification this September, an achievement made possible thanks to the hard work and implication of the STGM’s​ 290 employees.

About Green Globe: Green Globe is an international standards program. It is the only existing «sustainable development and social responsibility» certification system for travel and tourism businesses, with common core evaluation criteria for all industry stakeholders. Green Globe certification relies on a partnership with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GTSC), Agenda 21, and the principles for sustainable development approved by 182 governments during the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio.  greenglobe.com

❚ The STGM, key figures: Altitude: 1850 to 3300 meters ❚ Surface area: 3680 hectares ❚ 74 ski runs ❚ 40 lifts ❚ 1,571,000 skier days ❚ STGM is part of the Group Compagnie des Alpes http://www.tignes.net

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