Tiggee LLC Announces Acquisition of PerfOps Data Suite

Tiggee LLC Acquires PerfOps

Tiggee LLC, parent company of DNS Made Easy and Constellix, has announced the acquisition of PerfOps and its enterprise data monitoring suite. Adding PerfOps to the Tiggee family enhances the company's position in the DNS and Cloud industry and will allow Tiggee to leverage its direct knowledge and 20-plus years of experience to increase the effectiveness and value of PerfOps for the industry as a whole.

The acquisition included retaining PerfOps employees, which was important to the previous investors and current CEO Filip Bujas, as well as new owner Steven Job, who values the skill and experience the PerfOps team brings to Tiggee. 

"This is a perfect acquisition of teams with similar interests and desires. Both companies have the desire to increase the digital experience for all users on the internet by providing reliable tools that help service providers increase performance and uptime," says Steven Job. "DNS Made Easy and Constellix have over 22 years of enterprise service level offerings. Adding a company like PerfOps to our portfolio strengthens our already leading position as being the most trusted solution for multi-CDN and multi-Cloud service."

Tiggee is dedicated to providing accurate and unbiased DNS, CDN, and Cloud metrics available to everyone. The company plans to continually expand and upgrade all aspects of the PerfOps platform and has already implemented new features such as DNS checks over TCP or UDP, including DNSSEC, and the ability to check from numerous record types. Development is also in the works for tools that will further guide IT teams in troubleshooting and pinpointing root causes of server and network issues quickly and efficiently. 

Along with its premium options, the PerfOps suite includes its free analytics resources DNSPerf, CDNPerf, and CloudPerf, which will remain as free services for the whole of the internet. 

With Tiggee's and PerfOps' combined experience and collection of DNS and CDN data, the industry as a whole will have the ability to access new and invaluable network information and troubleshooting tools that will help them strengthen their own networks. Tiggee and its subsidiaries, DNS Made Easy and Constellix, are always looking toward the future and evolving their services based on customers' needs. User experience is pivotal in Tiggee's expansion plans, as well as its decisions to improve and develop new DNS technologies and solutions.

About Tiggee LLC
Tiggee LLC, parent company of DNS Made Easy and Constellix, was founded in 1999 by Steven Job to improve internet reliability and the online experience as a whole. Tiggee is an industry leader in global IP Anycast enterprise DNS services that provides advanced DNS, Multi-Cloud, and Multi-CDN services for organizations worldwide.

Connect with Tiggee at www.tiggee.com. To learn more about DNS, Multi-cloud, or Multi-CDN services, visit Tiggee subsidiaries DNS Made Easy, Constellix, and PerfOps.

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