TiFi Announces TiFi Token as the Commencement of Allverse Finance Journey

The innovative decentralized finance solution that bridges metaverse and universe

TiFi Finance Ecosystem Launched

Silicon Valley based crypto technology startup TiFi officially announced the launch of TiFi token, and the commencement of its presale offering will be kicked off on March 21, 2022. TiFi token is an innovative decentralized crypto token that builds the solution for allverse finance - the finance ecosystem for the domain that unites metaverse and universe.

Nowadays, the creative financial features of cryptocurrencies are attracting people to invest in the crypto world and making blockchain technology as a foundation of the metaverse. However, cryptocurrencies are still not pervasively adopted in our daily life, or our "universe".

TiFi introduced a new solution to the cryptocurrency world that stimulate people to use TiFi tokens for trade, exchange and investment across the metaverse and universe. Therefore, the launch and presale of TiFi Token draws attention for cryptocurrency investors who are looking for tokens that have great prospects.

TiFi token is the first step of TiFi towards the allverse finance journey. The token is running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and provides several attractive features that encourage people to invest and trade with the token itself, and also make TiFi Token a great wealth generator.

Token-back reward is the most innovative feature of TiFi token. It stimulates token holders to use TiFi token purchase merchandise by providing "token reward" back to consumers, which functions similar to cash reward credit cards.

Besides token-back reward, all TiFi tokens holders can earn reflection as holding interests. Reflection is a way to reward cryptocurrency holders without staking. The token rewards are reflected in real time as the balance of the holder's wallet for every transaction happens. The amount of the reflection reward is calculated based on the transaction volume and amount of tokens the holder owns.

TiFi token is an anti-inflation cryptocurrency. The decentralized smart contract of TiFi token burns tokens automatically by subtracting a tiny portion from total supply whenever a transaction happens. Meanwhile, the reflection reward and future staking interests are taken from a small portion of transaction fee, so the total supply of TiFi token will never grow while every token holder earns.

About TiFi

TiFi (which pronounces as /ˈtaɪfaɪ/ ) is a rapidly growing startup that build decentralized ecosystem for allverse finance, which bridges metaverse and universe. TiFi will include 3 main production stacks as mentioned on its official website: the Decentralized Exchange Platform (DEX) for cryptocurrency exchange and investment, the Non-fungible Token (NFT) Platform to endow values for digital assets, and mobile apps as the applications of TiFi finance ecosystem.

To learn more about TiFi and TiFi token, please visit following links:

TiFi Website: tifi.net
TiFi Token White Paper: https://tifi.net/about/TiFiTokenWhitePaper.pdf
TiFi Token Audit Report: https://www.certik.com/projects/tifi-token
Telegram: https://t.me/tifi_token
Contact TiFi L.L.C: hi@tifi.net

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TiFi builds decentralized ecosystem for allverse finance, which bridges metaverse and universe.

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