Tiebacks Straighten Leaning Wall

Heredia Wal-Mart Stabilized with Ram Jack Steel Piles

Soil excavation during the construction of a Costa Rican Wal-Mart weakened a property retaining wall, causing it to lean and pose danger to adjacent property owners. By first placing temporary shoring beams and ultimately installing a combination of helical piles and tiebacks, Ram Jack Centro America successfully stabilized the wall.

The addition of a Wal-Mart in San José, Costa Rica made for easy, budget-thoughtful shopping. However, during the construction of the business, the soil excavated had been placed against a property retaining wall. Soon, the wall began to lean due to the soil’s weight, posing major safety issues. To protect both the wall and the adjacent property, Ram Jack Centro America was quickly called in to create a repair plan.

Because of the retaining wall’s condition, temporary shoring beams had to be placed before permanent measures could be taken. Once this was done, Ram Jack proposed and installed multiple helical piles and tiebacks. Obstacles included having to avoid a large water tank and not being able to move the wall. In the end, the wall was stabilized in place, and all parties involved were thoroughly satisfied with the outcome.

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