TidBit Social LLC Announces Launch of TidBit, an App That Merges Social Media and Dining Out

Share your TASTE BRAND with your Foodie Network

TidBit Social LLC has announced the launch of TidBit on iOS and Android. TidBit is the first application that derives restaurant ratings solely from users’ social networks.

Say goodbye to generic restaurant ratings. After all, who knows your taste better than your peers and people you trust?” said TidBit co-founder and CEO, Juan Figueredo. He added, “What we aimed to do with TidBit was make it all about the user. We strongly believe that you must know someone before his or her opinion is relevant.”  

With TidBit, personalized ratings appear for both dishes and the corresponding restaurants, allowing for a more transparent review of the dining experiences of a user’s social network.

TidBit offers several unique and helpful features. Upon opening the app, users are welcomed to the TidFeed, which is the rating feed of users’ social networks. On the TidFeed, users get quick snapshots of their network’s restaurant reviews in real time, with photos, comments, and an array of ratings: from dishes to ambience and service. In addition, users can find great eats nearby thanks to location-based restaurant guidance. Users can now stay in the know and add new restaurant discoveries to their Wish list to make plans for their next dining experience.

TidBit features improve your restaurant search and experience:

  • Finding the right place to eat has never been easier — TidBit’s interactive map allows users to find restaurants nearby with a rating from 1-10; filters allow users to find exactly the cuisine, price range, or neighborhood they want
  • Sharing and discovering trendy new restaurants and dishes is streamlined thanks to TidBit’s fully uploaded menus
  • Rating is a cinch thanks to the quick-rate function
  • Inviting friends to restaurants and creating group chats to coordinate your next meal out is seamless

Download TidBit today for free and start creating your foodie network- http://tidbitsocial.com

About TidBit

TidBit is the first mobile application that fully connects social media and dining out. With TidBit, users can create a unique network — tying together friends, family, and foodies — to confidently pick not only top restaurants but their best dishes also. TidBit is simple, intuitive, but most importantly, informative. TidBit was founded in 2016 by three foodies who love exploring different types of cuisines and embracing all cultures through food.

Press Contact Information

Juan Carlos Figueredo
TidBit Social LLC
20004 11th Street NW Apt 322
Washington DC 20001

Source: TidBit Social LLC

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About TidBit Social LLC

TidBit is a mobile app company that provides its users with personalized restaurant-ratings based on the people they follow. Restaurants are rated based on the aggregate score of the dishes, allowing a more transparent review of the users' experience

TidBit Social LLC
2004 11th Street NW , #apt 322
Washington , DC