Offers California's Premier Traffic Light Camera Ticket Dismissal Service

Ticket Snipers specializes in expert traffic ticket dismissal service enjoying high success rates using the Trial by Written Declaration process.

Fighting the infamous traffic light camera ticket in the State of California, and in most states for that matter, can be an exhausting process, not to mention costly and time-consuming. Most people simply are unable to afford paying the high ticket fines and the consequent insurance rate increases. Spending a day in court - and taking time off work for it - is not a walk in the park either.

The only thing you have to lose is your Traffic Ticket and we can help you fight any moving violation, avoid aggressive fines, and keep your driving record clean

Ticket Snipers is a California-based team that assists individuals in making the system of fighting traffic tickets work in their favor. Using the company's state-of-the-art traffic ticket dismissal service, clients save time and money, making them financially savvy drivers by avoiding aggressive fines, while keeping their driving record clean.

Detailing how it works at, the traffic ticket experts specialize in Red Light Camera defense, and dismisses all traffic violations throughout the State of California. Through a process called a Trial by Written Declaration, Ticket has helped every type of driver fight their traffic tickets at proven success rates.

To get started with the Trial by Written Declaration process, California drivers with traffic light camera violations mail in their statement to the superior court. The judge then requests a statement from the officer, reviews the case, and mails the verdict. comes in when the proper documentation is needed, and assists in formulating a proper traffic ticket defense portfolio for the driver's case.

Essentially, the team gathers the important details of the case and conducts the necessary field tests. The company's defense experts will then prepare a custom, comprehensive, written legal defense to be submitted to the courts.

Believing in "legal access for all", charges an affordable starting fee of $69.00 per violation, along with the "Iron Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee."

To find out more about the Ticket Snipers traffic violation dismissal service, please visit for information.

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