Thunder Energies Corporation Announces the Production and Sale of Revolutionary Telescopes Searching for Antimatter Galaxies

Thunder Energies Corporation, a fully SEC compliant company whose stock is traded OTC under the symbol TNRG, announces that its Division of Optical Equipment has initiated production and sale of revolutionary telescopes for the search of antimatter galaxies and other anomalous sky objects by professional and amateur astronomers ( To broaden the worldwide availability of the new telescopes, Thunder Energies Corporation is seeking distributors in the U.S.A. and abroad.

Dr. R. M. Santilli, Chief Scientist of TEC, states: "We are glad to announce the search for antimatter galaxies alongside with the search for extraterrestrial life, dark matter and dark energy because our knowledge of the universe is insignificant compared to what remains yet to be discovered. I am particularly glad that Thunder Energies Corporation is making available to professional as well as amateur astronomers all over the world our new telescopes for the first known systematic search of antimatter galaxies following a number of scientific publications”.

In searching for antimatter galaxies, it is of importance to note that when in contact, matter and antimatter annihilate into light. Hence, all features for capturing matter are reversed for capturing antimatter, including the index of refraction which is positive for matter-light, thus requiring a convex lens to focus images, but expected to be negative for antimatter-light, thus requiring a concave lens to focus images (see Figure 1).

Numerous scans of the Vega region of the night sky with a pair of Galileo and Santilli Telescopes under 15 seconds exposure have confirmed that matter-galaxies leave a streak of light on a digital camera, while  antimatter-galaxies appear to leave a streak of  darkness which should not be focused by a telescope with concave lenses, see Figure 3 and the Executive Summary for a list of scientific publications:

To hear more from Dr. R. M. Santilli about TEC, the innovative telescopes and the search for antimatter galaxies, follow this link to hear Dr. Santilli’s interview on the Stu Taylor show, dated July 21, 2015, broadcasted on the Biz Talk network.

Additionally, please review “Interview of Prof. R. M. Santilli on the First Detection of Antimatter Galaxies via a Telescope with Concave Lenses” By the Agence de la Recherche Scientifique Division de Guadaloupe for further detailed information:


Thunder Energies Corporation, a fully recording company that recently initiated trading of its stock under the symbol TNRG at the OTCQB (, is organized into  three divisions for the  manufacturing, promotion, sale and service of three cutting edge technologies optics, nuclear physics and fuel combustion (

For information, please contact:

Dr. R. M. Santilli, Chief Scientist  


Phone: 1-727-940 3944,


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Thunder Energies Corporation, a fully recording company that recently initiated trading of its stock under the symbol TNRG at the OTCQB.