Thrive Events Sets the Course for Ambitious Professionals

Thrive Events' President discussed the firm's goals for growth and development in 2018. She also outlined the company's plans to add the right new talent.

​Coming off a highly successful 2017, Thrive Events leaders are ready to keep the momentum going. The firm's President stated, "Our goals for 2018 include personal and professional development, further expansion, excellent customer service, and stronger relationships with the people behind the brands we promote. We're using vision boards to clarify our goals and messaging for a successful 2018. It's amazing how much of a difference it makes when you see your objectives in writing."

The President asserts that a goal-oriented team is a happy team. She explained, "We emphasize goal setting from the first days of training, and we also make it a key element of our ongoing development efforts. With clear objectives in place, our branding experts can measure their progress and make appropriate adjustments when necessary. They also have a better idea of how to apply their unique talents to achieve the best possible results."

Setting goals is also an effective way to boost team morale. The President added, "Everyone feels more engaged when they have clear objectives to chase. When it comes to team goals, they create a stronger sense of camaraderie throughout the Thrive Events office. Our people fuse their talents in more productive ways when they know exactly what they're trying to achieve, including the small milestones that lead to big wins."

A Thrive Events Talent Search Is Underway

To achieve the firm's aggressive growth goals, Thrive Events leaders know they'll need an infusion of fresh talent. The President commented, "We're looking for self-motivated team players to help us crush our 2018 objectives. Any business-minded individuals who want to grow right along with an innovative industry leader should apply on our website."

There are a few specific traits the President wants to see in potential additions to Team Thrive Events. A positive mind-set is perhaps the most important of these qualities. She stated, "We want to find people who display genuine enthusiasm for the work we do. Those who are excited to make real connections with consumers and exciting brands will feel right at home."

Constant improvement is a core Thrive Events principle, so the desire to learn new things is another key trait the President is looking for in new hires. "We organize all kinds of developmental activities," she concluded. "From travel events to internal seminars, we're always adding to our knowledge and sharpening our skill sets."

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Thrive Events leads the industry with compelling live events that showcase products for maximum exposure. Their team of experts apply their knowledge of buying triggers to creative marketing techniques. Through innovation and in-person engagement, they deliver the right touch to guarantee measurable sales results. As a trusted direct sales partner, Thrive Events' reputation precedes it. The company is poised for expansion. Visit the team at to learn more about their next projects.

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