Threshold 360 Announces the Launch of Threshold Map™, a New Destination Map Featuring Half a Million Virtual Tours

​​​​​Threshold 360, a leading platform for 360° virtual tour creation and delivery in the Hospitality & Tourism industries, today announced the launch of the Threshold Map™ – a powerful free product designed to facilitate destination discovery for both meeting planners & consumers.

Featuring 100,000 locations across North America, and over half a million virtual tours, the Threshold Map is a new online destination map built for exploring hotels, restaurants, attractions, retail stores, parks, and many other locations. Integrating social media sharing tools, the new Map provides a simple way for meeting planners and consumers to explore virtual locations around the U.S. and share their discoveries with others.

For Threshold 360’s customers, including destination marketing organizations, resorts & hotels, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and many other location-based businesses, the new Map provides a powerful new distribution channel for visual content, helping customers to preview and explore their facilities before booking or visiting.

The Threshold Map can be found at

“The Threshold Map provides an exciting new way for meeting planners and potential visitors to walk through and understand a destination,” said Daniel Kraus, CEO of Threshold 360. “Now more than ever, an authentic view of each location is critical – and Threshold Virtual Tours™ are a proven way to help visitors heighten their understanding, and appreciate the details of each location and neighborhood.”

Destination marketing organizations such as Visit St. Pete/Clearwater have made extensive use of Threshold’s Platform in their marketing and have found the addition of virtual tours provides a new dimension of experience and engagement for Partner hotels, restaurants, and attractions.

“Hundreds of our Partners use Threshold Virtual Tours to deliver online experiences of their locations,” said Leroy Bridges, Vice President, Digital & Communications at Visit St. Pete/Clearwater. "We’re excited to have our Partner content included into this Map, which provides an engaging new way for meeting planners and consumers to discover our beaches and city."

The Threshold Map also provides meeting planners with a powerful new set of tools for destination identification and site selection. The extensive coverage that Threshold provides for the Hospitality market (including coverage of all hotel room types) helps meeting planners make effective decisions about hotels, identify venue & conference facilities, and understand neighborhoods & dining options. 

“In the past, my destination searches often entailed several flights and multiple days of travel,” said Michele Craig, Senior Director of Global Accounts at HelmsBriscoe. “Now with the use of the Threshold Map, my site inspections are conducted from the comfort of my own desk - and with a much broader brush and more defined detail. While exploring a destination I am now able to stroll virtually, at my own pace, through virtual tours of hotels, restaurants, and off-site venues, allowing me to grasp the unique ambiance of the location while also identifying the presence of my most minute “must have’s”. The Threshold Map saves me time, shortens my reporting cycle, and strengthens the value of my product immensely.” 

In addition to its general availability, elements of the Threshold Map are also individually licensable by market and destination. For more information, contact Threshold 360 directly at




About Threshold 360:

Threshold 360 is changing the way the world discovers. As a leading platform for 360 virtual tour creation & delivery, Threshold helps Destination Marketing Organizations, Resorts & Hotels, Healthcare Facilities, Educational Institutions, and other location-based businesses significantly increase their digital engagement and conversions by bringing destinations to life online. The Threshold Platform has proven to increase overall online bookings and engagement for customers by upwards of 20%. The company’s core library coverage extends to over 100,000 locations, comprising some half a million virtual tours, and has been viewed over a billion times. For further information on Threshold360 and the new Threshold Map, please visit



Daniel Kraus, CEO

Threshold 360

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