Three Women Entrepreneurs Launch CareerFlex to Promote Part-Time Professional Careers

San Francisco Bay Area Business Helps Companies See Benefits of Part-time Placement

Experienced professionals who are seeking a part-time position for their next career move now have a new resource on where to find them. CareerFlex LLC is a new online career resource that works with both employers and career seekers in the San Francisco Bay Area to provide permanent part-time positions for qualified professionals that have at least a Bachelor Degree or five years of professional job experience. Career seekers who use CareerFlex as a resource are finding balance without having to work the typical work week of 40 hours or more.

Anitha Pachagounder, Julie Pozzi and Jenna Kuhl have created and co-founded CareerFlex after not being able to find a resource to help them pursue a flexible position that would allow part-time hours while still offering a challenging and rewarding career. These three friends turned the idea into a business, and as they talked to more people around them, they found that they weren’t the only ones that saw the same need. They quickly realized there could be high demand from both seekers and employers by bringing the idea to life.

“I’ve been in the workforce for twenty years within marketing and public relations, and I have not been able to find a balance, especially after having children,” said Jenna Kuhl. “I felt extreme guilt having to stay home when my kids were sick or not being able to attend a school event. I realized that while my family was my priority, I also wanted to have a career where I could use my skills and education — just not working typical Silicon Valley hours. I know that I am not alone, and that’s why I know CareerFlex will work.”

During their research, all three co-founders continued to come across the same thing. “There are very few good career options available for people that need flexibility but also want to feel valued,” said Anitha Pachagounder. “People should be able to have workplace flexibility while doing something that they love and that utilizes their skills and experience. We want more than anything to help everyone find that happy balance, because that's what we want as well.”

Whether it’s staying at home to take care of the kids, or to take care of a loved one, or just wanting a more balanced situation in life, CareerFlex is on the road to helping career seekers find meaningful employment that fits into their lifestyle. While career seeker registration is growing rapidly, there is still a lot of educating that CareerFlex is providing to employers to either list their current part-time position with them or to help them understand why a part-time position would be beneficial.

“Many employers do not yet understand that there are benefits to hiring a part-time position over someone that is full-time,” said Julie Pozzi. “We are beginning to educate them on reasons why it would make sense for their business, like the need for a senior or experienced professional on a limited budget, filling a void based on market demand, support in a specific area that does not need a full-time employee in it, as well as an alternative to expensive consultants and contractors. There is a lot of opportunity for employers in this area and in saving money to help meet their bottom line.”

There is no fee for career seekers who use CareerFlex to look at and apply for positions. For employers that want to use CareerFlex’s services, fees vary based on the type of service that is needed. Currently, the company is offering some services for free to employers, so please inquire for more information at or 408-753-0153. Visit CareerFlex at

Source: CareerFlex LLC