Three New Experiential Gifts in Time for the Holidays

An Egyptian Adventure, a Lovecraftian Cult Conspiracy, and a Haunted Victorian Horror!

Just in time for the holiday season, The Mysterious Package Company, the world's leading experiential mail-order e-commerce platform that thrills its customers with  mystery, horror, and adventure entertainment, announces the launch of three new Experiences: Hunt for the Forgotten Tomb, Rise of the Cult, and Filigree in Shadow.

Our immersive Experiences are divided into multiple mailings, spread out over several weeks or months, containing these core elements: engaging stories crafted exclusively for our members, personalization to increase authenticity and immersion in the story, a handcrafted premium artifact that serves as a touchstone for the tale, packages of a mysterious nature that intrigue, befuddle and delight.

The Mysterious Package Company makes these incredibly cool tactile experiences.

Neil Patrick Harris

Actor and Member since 2016

All Experiences end with the big reveal, identifying who was bold and thoughtful enough to send such a unique gift.

Ordering any of these Experiences is the best gift you could give to yourself, a friend, or a loved one. Each is truly unique and unforgettable.

Hunt for the Forgotten Tomb and Rise of the Cult are available for pre-sale until November 30th, 2017, and include a free Challenge Coin. All pre-sale orders ensure the first mailing arrives in time for the holidays.

Hunt For The Forgotten Tomb is an adventure to unearth an ancient secret left untouched for millennia. Spanning from London to Cairo, and into the desert west of the Great Pyramid, a legend becomes reality... and reality becomes a race against time. 

Rise of the Cult is a thrilling new Experience that may have you questioning not just whom you can trust, but what. As two sides of the story unfold, we leave it to you to decide who is telling the truth. This product also offers the opportunity to decide how the story ends!

In autumn of last year, The Mysterious Package Company introduced a Victorian horror Experience, Filigree in Shadow, as a Kickstarter campaign. Surprisingly, it even surpassed our wildly successful campaign for The Century Beast released one year earlier. Filigree in Shadow currently sits as the ninth-highest-funded art campaign on Kickstarter to date. It also has the honour of being the second-most-funded mixed media campaign in the world.


The Mysterious Package Company has pioneered a new form of entertainment. Our Experiences combine art, storytelling, and curiosity for a tactile and immersive adventure told over time through the mail. We are a membership-only, direct mail e-commerce company, based out of a secret industrial warehouse in Toronto, ON, Canada, since 2012*. MPC ships mysterious packages worldwide, with their core customer base located in the United States, Canada, and the UK. We provide immersive experiences through a series of mailings told over weeks or months.

*We cannot disclose our exact address for reasons of discretion and security.

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Source: Mysterious Package Company


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