THREE DEGREES SALON Grand Opening & Art Exhibition

'Connected: We are closer than you think'


THREE DEGREES SALON, a new creative hair studio, will open its door this Sunday in the East Village. The salon is headed by Kei Hirata, an established top Japanese stylist whose career spans New York, Tokyo and Vancouver. Located in a vibrant community with The Cooper Union and The Standard Hotel nearby, Three Degrees is a salon that features the talents of Hirata and other skilled Japanese stylists. The theme of its interior is Modern Park - exampled by The High Line and Venice Beach – open to all kinds of people and dedicated to providing comfort for all.

To mark its opening, the salon presents a unique art exhibition "Connected: We are closer than you think," a collaboration between Three Degrees Creative Director Kei Hirata, Conceptual Photographer Brick Thana (@brickthn), and Videographer Derek Siyarngnork (@de9rek). Three degrees of connection, which is the salon’s main theme (and where it derives its name), is conveyed through a photography exhibition and short film that showcases the intersection of hair, lifestyle, and experience, while highlighting the connectivity of living in a global city such as New York. Six New York-based influencers from diverse backgrounds are featured as models and video subjects.

THREE DEGREES SALON Opening Reception & Art Exhibition
“Connected: We are closer than you think”

Date: Saturday, June 1st, 2019
Time: 6pm – 10pm (Film screening: 7pm and 8:30pm) /Press Preview at 5pm – 6pm
Place: 204 East 6th Street, New York NY
Contact to for press preview

The concept of “3 degrees” conveys the idea that strangers are more connected than they believe. The theory of “6 degrees of separation” states that any person can be connected to anyone else on the planet through a chain of six or fewer social connections. In the age of digital social networking, this concept has been updated and it is believed that any person can be connected to another through 3 degrees of separation. With the power of this chain of amicable-connections and the unlimited potential that it holds, THREE DEGREES SALON hopes to become a social hub that generates its own culture through building community.

“3 degrees” also expresses the idea of 3°C as a warning of global warming – It is said that if global temperatures rise by 3°C, the lives of two billion people would be at stake. Sustainable practices will be a core value of the salon. Through a partnership with Yarok Hair, the salon will provide organic and 100% vegan hair care treatments and products, as well as ammonia-free hair color options by Organic Color System. Disposable eco towels will be used in daily operations, as this requires less water and energy consumption than other alternatives and will be donated to local community gardens for composting.

The salon opens on Sunday, June 2nd, and will offer haircut, blow-dry, color, perm and treatment service, starting at $70 and up.

Misaki Mizuno, Media Relations


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When you walk into our salon, a warm greeting from our stylists will put you at ease and make you feel like you're among friends.

In our salon, our connections are closer—we're only 3 degrees apart.

Misaki Mizuno
Marketing Manager/Media Relations, THREE DEGREES SALON
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