Three Appeals of Incheon: The Fastest Growing Tourist Attraction of Korea

Wolmi Theme Park(Wolmi My Land), Incheon, Korea

Korea has gained great global attention as a tourist attraction in the midst of the recent online cultural trends enticing those who want to experience Korean culture. Especially since Korea has been successfully recovering from COVID-19 as well as implementing the nationwide "Living with Covid-19" policy with a high vaccination rate, the Incheon Tourism Organization highly anticipates that international tourists will be able to enjoy pleasant trips in no time.

People usually think of Seoul as the main tourist attraction of Korea, but Incheon may actually be the best city for tourists as it is situated by the sea among islands with various filming locations of Korean cultural content and where tourists can enjoy convenient trips with its smart tourist platform.

Incheon Tourism Organization recommends the following three trendy tourist spots to experience the true charms of Incheon's vibrancy.

1. Wolmido Island - That Place From None Other Than Squid Game

Since its grand opening in 1992, Wolmi Theme Park (Wolmi My Land) has served as the oldest amusement park in Wolmido with continued visits from tourists as the filming location of Squid Game where Deoksu meets his gang members. Tourists flocks to take a photo at Wolmi Theme Park, enjoying dalgona just like the characters from Squid Game, and watch the beautiful sunset that paints the entire place scarlet.

2. Yeongjongdo Island - The Epicenter of Korean Content

Yeongjongdo Island is the first place tourists land with a majority of international airlines arriving in Korea via Incheon International Airport. Paradise City, the greatest art and entertainment resort in Yeongjongdo Island, is known for music videos, photoshoots, and fan meeting venues for various K-pop artists from Twice to Cha Eun-woo and many more. There are various filming locations of Korean content from TV series to reality shows in Yeongjongdo Island other than Paradise City. One of which is Eurwangni Beach, where BTS filmed their music video. It is also a must-see place for those who want to see a beautiful sunset in Korea.

3. Incheon Open Port - Smart Travel via Incheon Easy App

At the center of Korea's early modern history is Incheon Open Port, the most notable historic tourist attraction where you can simultaneously experience the 19th century and the present. Moreover, domestic and international tourists can enjoy convenient trips by using the Incheon Easy app. Not only does it have tourism recommendations, transportation reservations, and luggage keeping service personalized, it also vividly explains historical backgrounds using AR/VR technology. Downloading the Incheon Easy app is highly recommended for those who plan to travel to Incheon. (Available on Google Play and App Store.)

Various tourist spots of Incheon will welcome you and wait for the moment you land at Incheon International Airport. If you're looking for a proper tourist destination, look no further than Incheon, the leading future of global tourism.

Media Contact:
Hyunjung Lee

Source: Incheon Tourism Organization