Thousands of People to Do Yoga on the Beach by the USA-Mexico Border at San Diego Yoga Festival in March to Cut World Terrorism by 70%

Featuring a world-record-setting meditation circle by the USA-Mexico border to fight hate and segregation, yoga for cancer, yoga for addictions, yoga classes taught by one of the world's oldest yoga teachers (93), surf lessons, yoga on skateboards, yoga for kids, yoga for seniors, yoga and meditation with your pets, live music and even a wedding ceremony where you marry yourself!

The San Diego Yoga Festival is a life-changing four-day yoga festival happening on the beach in Imperial Beach, San Diego, California, from March 9-12, 2018. This festival happening in the most southwesterly part of the USA right next to the USA-Mexico Border as an aim to bring health, peace and wellness to its attendees and supporting community.

"Yoga and health know no borders. Stress and cancer know no borders. When it comes down to it, we all feel, we all get sick, we all hurt at some point in our lives," says founder and creator of San Diego Yoga Festival Shawna Schenk. "I decided to put this festival on as a fight against pain, fear, anxiety, depression, addiction, cancer, disease ... and I decided to do it in the last town before the Mexican border as an act to celebrate unity. What is more beautiful than people coming together, working on themselves, finding peace and doing something healthy, in an area of the USA that is often talked about in a stressful way or with the focus of segregating people even more? When we segregate ourselves, stress and pain happen." 

This festival features non-stop yoga and holistic healing classes held right on the beach until sunset for four days straight. Festivalgoers can look forward to unforgettable classes and healing experiences led by the top healers and teachers in Southern California!

Shawna Schenk, Founder, San Diego Yoga Festival

With non-stop yoga and holistic healing classes, held right on the beach, until sunset for four days straight, festivalgoers can look forward to unforgettable classes and healing experiences led by the top healers and teachers in Southern California and throughout the world. With offering virtually every style of yoga known to modern yogis for beginners to yoga teachers to fun holistic health experiences and featuring one of the world's oldest yoga teachers at 93 years old, it is surely going to be a powerful, global healing experience. 

"Yoga saved my life," shares Schenk. "It got me off anti-depressants, saved me from frequent panic attacks and now helps me daily to manage my stress. It is a gift: a 5,000+-year-old practice that has stood the test of time helped others for lifetimes as a tool to get to know the body and mind and learn ways to balance the emotions. Yoga is not something for 'skinny people' or 'chicks in stretch pants.' I am forever grateful for this practice and the life it has given me and so I have created a festival to show that yoga is for everyone: it is not a fad or a stretch - it is simply a way to sit with the self and get to know your body, and from there make smart decisions on how to live and treat it." 

The main part of the festival is Saturday and Sunday, March 10-11, and will have thousands of people celebrating health together, featuring:

  • Calming and relaxing yoga and meditation classes
  • Fun and energetic yoga classes with live DJs or live music
  • Beginner-friendly and advanced yoga classes in many different styles of yoga including Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Bowspring, Shakti Naam, Acro-Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Partner Yoga
  • Workshops on various holistic topics including plant medicine and fermentation/gut health
  • Surf lessons
  • Meditation beach walks to the USA-Mexico border
  • A Spanish-English yoga class
  • Yoga for cancer survivors and fighters
  • Yoga on skateboards
  • Reiki clinic and chakra balancing
  • Yoga for the military and first responders
  • Yoga for recovery and addictions
  • An interactive vending center with live music and epic products from local vendors
  • Yoga with the mayor
  • Yummy, healthy food vendors
  • Yoga-inspired sandcastles
  • A yoga class on balance for those 50 and older
  • A kid and family yoga center
  • Vinyasa en Espanol
  • The festival even welcomes pets! There will be a yoga class and Reiki healing sessions for your dogs and cats! 

Military, first responders, and kids get a donation-based ticket. Attendees can buy one-class, daily, weekend or four-day passes to the event.

ASL interpreters will be at the event. 

Review the schedule, meet the teachers or purchase your ticket here.

World-Record-Setting Meditation Aum Circle to Cut World Terrorism by 70% by the USA-Mexico Border

The festival is located only a few miles from Mexico. In fact, you can see Mexico from the beach location! While many are trying to build a bigger wall, SDYF founder Shawna Schenk has created this event to ask everyone to come together to tear down any walls around their heart built on fear and celebrate humanity. The closing ceremony is free and open to the public and will close the weekend.  

Research has shown that peace-creating groups creating a global influence of peace and people meditating together cut world terrorism by 72 percent. We are goaled at meditating with 7,000 people right on the beach (a few miles from the wall!) - AUMING (the sound of unity) 108 times (the number of oneness) as the sun sets to create an influence of peace. Nothing has ever been done like this before and so SDYF is setting a world record to submit to Guinness World Records and asking the world to break it by having larger unity circles year after year! If you are in the San Diego area be sure to come down to this peaceful experience. 

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