Thoraguard Intelligent Chest Tube Management System Reduces Hospital Stay; Preferred by Healthcare Providers

New Peer-Reviewed Clinical Study Demonstrates Thoraguard® Advantages Over Conventional Analog Systems Following Lung Surgery

Centese, Inc. announces the results of a newly published peer-reviewed clinical study on its Thoraguard Intelligent Chest Tube Management System for use following lung surgery. The study published in the Journal of Thoracic Disease by the thoracic surgery team at New York University Langone Health (NYU Langone Health) demonstrated that Thoraguard's digital air-leak measurement technology is more precise and reliable compared to conventional drainage devices leading to a reduced hospital stay.

Effective postoperative chest tube management is critical following thoracic and cardiovascular surgery. Yet, there have been few technological advancements in decades. Conventional analog chest drainage systems rely heavily on variable and subjective assessment of patient recovery, making them prone to misinterpretation and errors, which can result in prolonged hospital stays and additional expenses.

The NYU Langone Health clinical study assessed patient outcomes using the Thoraguard Intelligent Chest Tube Management System, compared it to conventional analog systems, and surveyed hospital care providers' evaluations of its usability and performance.

The study found the Thoraguard digital system superior to analog systems across key clinical performance parameters. Thoraguard detected a higher number of air leaks (72% vs 23%) and reduced both chest tube duration and hospital stay by 1 day each. In addition, the Thoraguard system had a superior user-reported ability to detect air leaks (74%) and better display of clinically relevant information (96%).

"We found the Thoraguard system offers several compelling clinical advantages over both analog and other digital systems. It's user-friendly, accurate, and delivers more precise air-leak detection, which helps get patients home sooner as evidenced by the minimal 1-day chest tube duration and 2-day hospital stay in the Thoraguard group vs what other digital drainage systems have demonstrated in previous studies," summarized Michael Zervos, MD, Chief of Clinical Thoracic Surgery at NYU Langone Health and Principal Investigator of the study.

Designed to overcome the limitations of conventional analog chest drains, the Thoraguard Intelligent Chest Tube Management System delivers continuous, precision digital monitoring to safeguard patient recovery.

"We've known that analog chest tube devices are inferior to digital systems. This is the second peer-reviewed study that further confirms the superiority of Thoraguard Intelligent Chest Tube Management and its ability to transform cardiothoracic post-op recovery for patients, providers, and hospitals," commented Centese Cofounder and CEO Evan Luxon.

About Centese

Centese, Inc. is driven to safeguard patients, improve outcomes, and reduce costs in cardiothoracic surgery. Inspired to overcome the limitations of conventional analog chest tubes for postoperative drainage, the company envisioned a digital solution and developed the first smart, automated chest tube and drainage management system. The Thoraguard Intelligent Chest Tube Management System combines innovative design with intelligent software to help patients recover faster, enhance clinical decision making with reliable data, and enable patient care teams to streamline their workflow.

Source: Centese, Inc