Thomas Aarts, Nutrition Industry Strategist and Business Leader, Joins Big Bold Health® Board of Directors

Big Bold Health® is a natural products company that is establishing a US-based agricultural cooperative to scale up production of organic Himalayan Tartary buckwheat, a hardy and nutrient-packed plant that is being studied for its health properties, as well as wide-ranging applications in dietary supplements and food products. Launched in 2018, Big Bold Health® is the brainchild of Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., a respected nutritional biochemist who has been formulating products and advising top companies for more than four decades.

Dr. Bland had been researching plants with immune-active properties in 2017 when he became aware of Himalayan Tartary buckwheat and its 2500-year history as a food used in traditional cultures. “I have never been more excited—this orchestration of phytonutrients is rare and impressive,” he says. “The research was not easy to find. Only a handful of scientists around the world were publishing data. The more I read, the more intrigued I became.”

From its inception, Big Bold Health® has been guided by an exceptional Board of Directors. Noted members include Doug Greene, Founder of New Hope Network and Natural Products Expo; activist and philanthropist Ruth Westreich, President of the Westreich Foundation; Steve Wiggins, Founder and Chairman of Wiggins Ventures; John Elstrott, past Chairman of the Board of Whole Foods; Brooke Wade, President of Wade Capital Corporation; and Susan Bland, MA, Co-Founder of The Institute for Functional Medicine. This month, Thomas Aarts, Managing Director of Nutrition Business Advisors, officially joined this group of leaders and will be providing his voice and expertise to Big Bold Health’s activities in 2021.

Mr. Aarts is a high-level management consultant with 22 years of experience working with C-suite executives across the nutrition industry. He co-founded Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) in 1996, and now serves as Chairman of the Editorial Advisory Board. He is also Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the annual NBJ Summit, a premier CEO/executive retreat for the nutrition and natural products industry, now in its twenty-first year. Mr. Aarts felt an immediate connection to Big Bold Health’s mission and vision: “I am delighted to be joining the Board of Big Bold Health®. I believe that Jeff Bland, with his vast experience and knowledge in the nutritional science space, has created a proprietary set of ingredients and products that will change people’s health around the globe. Immunity is going to change its face in the future, and Big Bold Health® will be at the forefront of personalizing immunity with cutting edge science and research. I’m honored to be part of the team.”

About Big Bold Health®

Big Bold Health® is on a mission to improve global health through immunity. From revitalizing lost superfoods to crafting high-quality omega-3 products, Big Bold Health® draws from the best immunity interventions nature can offer. With an unparalleled dedication to science, sustainability, and quality, Big Bold Health® is creating a coIMMUNITY that supports enduring wellness for people, plants, and planet. Big Bold Health® products can be found online on Amazon and through select health providers across the United States and Canada. For more information, visit

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