Tholons Releases 2021 Global Innovation Index

Top 50 Digital Nations and Top 100 Super Cities

Tholons, today, released the "Tholons Global Innovation Index 2021TM" (TGII), its flagship research report and ranking of the Top 50 "Digital Nations" and Top 100 "Super Cities". Ankita Vashistha, CEO, Tholons says "Artificial intelligence, innovation, digital marketing and tech-based entrepreneurship will fuel the economies in this decade. Untapped power of women entrepreneurship, engagement and empowerment is leading the way like never before". Tholons Global Innovation Index (TGII) is published annually and is the industry's premier ranking of the Top 50 "Digital Nations" and Top 100 "Super Cities".

Digital innovation in emerging technologies, such as cloud, AI, big data and analytics, which saw unprecedented demand during the pandemic, will sustain even in the coming decade. There is a need for enterprises to re-imagine new model for personalization, that emphasizes customer agency. Organizations will need more active engagement strategies, if they want to thrive and succeed. Leading businesses are adopting "human-AI" collaboration. As social distancing becomes the norm, in many industries, robots are transitioning faster than expected from regulated environments to unregulated environments. Corporations and governments are looking for more and newer "contact-less" solutions.

TGII 2021

  • New Entrants to Top 10 Digital Nations: Germany, Australia, Ireland, Norway and Sweden.
  • Top 5 Super Cities: Toronto, Singapore, Bangalore, San Francisco and Dublin.
  • Top 10 Super Cities New Entrants: San Francisco, London and New York.
  • New Entrants in Top 100 Super Cities: There are 13 cities who have shown exemplary movement in embracing digital and being relevant to the globalization of innovation. These cities are Copenhagen, Busan, Incheon, Helsinki, Brisbane, Penang, Riga, Auckland, Adelaide, Rotterdam, Vilnius, Wroclaw and Oslo making in Top 100 Super Cities.
  • Toronto emerges as No.1 in the TGII Top 100 Super Cities. Bangalore had maintained the No.1 position from the last 15 years. This is the first time that Bangalore is taking a step back to No.3 in TGII Index. This year's report has a significant emphasis on disruptive innovation and women diversity.

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  • Monetizing Intelligent Process Automation

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