This Valentine's Day the World Sees, What Might Become the Next Wedding Trend

With society becoming increasingly connected with the advent of mobile smart devices, it appears every industry has went through some form of culture shift. Now a live video streaming, mobile service will allow couples to get 'e-hitched', by using their mobile application and web service to share the moment with the world.

Our modern day “Roaming-o meets Emoji-et”. I’m referring to a new platform for legal on line wedding ceremonies called Web Wed Mobile. A conduit by which couples will be getting e-hitched; anywhere, anytime – and share it with the world.

Web Wed has only recently been released to a few couples, and now is ready for prime time debut. After three years of development in covert, building on both a dream and a vision this new mobile web and application service combines the latest advances in video streaming technology with societies expanding infatuation with social media.

"Hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands will soon tune-in LIVE to Web Wed's couples, day after day. Incredible new and entertaining possibilities ahead..", says JC Banks - Founder and CEO

J.C. Banks, Founder - Web Wed, LLC

During the launch event, this Valentine’s Day, 50 real couples debut Web
Wed and tie the knot via a live web stream, that everyone  may share in. This service will enable couples who have friends abroad, or elderly family members who would otherwise be unable to attend. Audiences can witness and even interact with the other guest via moderated chat.

Web Wed's Founder JC Banks, of Atlanta, predicts this will soon overtake the ranks that Vegas weddings currently holds. The appeal of a quick, fun, memorable ceremony on a budget, that can also be watched by the world.

It appears that the more couples spend on an engagement ring and wedding ceremony, the shorter the marriage, according to a study released last year by Andrew Francis and Hugo Mialon, professors in the Department of Economics at Emory University in Atlanta. They found that women, in particular, are vulnerable to divorce after expensive marriages: women in couples who spent $20,000 or more on their wedding are 3.5x more likely to end up divorced than their counterparts who spent less than half that.

Web Wed has been working on setting up partnerships with other on line companies in the wedding industry, expanding their reach into various other segments and increasing the services appeal to an on line based culture.

About Web Wed,LLC

Web Wed is transforming the wedding industry by providing a link between LOVE, LAW, and TECHNOLOGY. Utilizing the latest advancements in video streaming technology and mobile platforms you can have a legal ceremony regardless of your location.

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