This Paper Straw Start Up is the Ultimate Solution for the Plastic Straw Ban

US paper straw offers a simple paper straw alternative to help stop plastic straws from ending up in the ocean.

US paper straw

US paper straw, an eco-conscious startup, seeks to improve ocean life by helping to reduce the amount of plastic dumped into the ocean. Plastic straws negatively impact aquatic life. With US paper straw’s high-quality paper alternative, fewer plastic straws will end up in the ocean.

Based in California, the paper straw manufacturer sees the writing on the wall for the future of plastic straws. With all the recent research and data about how plastic is negatively impacting our oceans, more and more people are starting to say “no” to plastic straws. As time goes on, more cities will start to ban the use of plastic straws in restaurants and bars. But this California startup offers the best affordable alternative to plastic straws.

Investing in high-tech, fully-automated machinery, US paper straw is preparing to become the ultimate alternative to plastic straws.

Morgan Kele, Co-Founder

“According to Strawless Ocean, we use over 500 million plastic straw every day in America, and most of those end up in our oceans, polluting the water and killing marine life. Let’s act now.” – Morgan Kelle, Co-founder

“While many people are searching for alternatives to stop using plastic straws, pricing and availability are making it hard for consumers to give up plastic straws. In fact, straws for some people are the only way for them to get their proper nutrients. On top of that, straws can be more sanitary for restaurants and bars,” explains Morgan Kelle. “That’s why we decided to manufacture an alternative straw option that can be affordable, recyclable and harmless to the ocean. Straws are a necessity, so having a useful alternative is both important and needed.”

Investing in high-tech, fully-automated machinery, US paper straw is preparing to become the ultimate alternative to plastic straws. Made with the best quality material that is water-resistant, FDA-compliant, completely chlorine-free, and 100% U.S. made, it’s easy to see why US paper straw will be the way of the future.

“We care about our oceans, and we also care about people,” explains a representative for US paper straw. “Our paper straw alternative is the perfect solution to help reduce the amount of plastic that gets dumped into our oceans.”

Morgan Kelle, co-founder


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