This New Brand Is About to Be Everywhere - Heiress Beverly Hills Hires New Design Team Seen in Vogue and Expands to Be Size Inclusive

New brand Heiress Beverly Hills is reported to have hired multiple new designers with work featured in Vogue. The brand is reported to have developed a "secret recipe" size chart perfecting the way clothes fit the average consumer. This size chart is now inclusive, ranging from size XXS - XXL.

Heiress Beverly Hills

Heiress Beverly Hills just announced they will be becoming size inclusive in their FW22 collection with sizes ranging from XXS-XXL.

Heiress Beverly Hills has become a known multi-million dollar brand quickly due to their "secret recipe" size chart that they have developed in-house. They are known for their quality & fit of their garments. Heiress is reported to have over 10 fitting sessions on each item they release, to ensure a perfect fit on the average consumer rather than just fit models.

The founder, Hailey Weiner, is just 23 years old and developed the brand due to her frustration with Fast Fashion taking over, poor quality materials, unethical labor conditions, and clothing that doesn't fit or compliment the body correctly. Heiress is a movement in slow fashion and inclusivity.

Heiress reportedly just hired a new in-house design team with work featured in Vogue. This company is certainly on track to continue growing and expanding rapidly with a reported FW22 collection inspired by the Runway.

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Heiress Beverly Hills is a multi-million dollar women's clothing company. All items are designed in-house by a talented team of designers. Heiress has grown rapidly due to their reputation for the quality & fit of their pieces. Each piece goes through over 10 fitting sessions on individuals of all different shapes/sizes to ensure a perfect fit on everyone. Throughout the past year, Heiress has been developing a "secret recipe" size chart measuring every cm of their average customer, and they are now putting this secret size chart to use in their FW22 collection, with sizing ranging from XXS-XXL.

Founder, Hailey Weiner, started Heiress Beverly Hills while a full time college student at 21 years old and is now 23 years old with a booming, multi-million dollar company and tons of employees. The company is not slowing down anytime soon and is a name you will be seeing everywhere. She has grown the company rapidly over the past year and the upcoming FW22 collection will be something to keep an eye on.