This Collective of Companies is Revolutionizing the Beverage World

Aseppak and Eybna launch joint innovation portfolio focused on a new generation of functional compounds

​​​​​​​​Aseppak, a company dedicated to the development of functional food and beverages and Eybna, global leader in the research and development of natural terpenes, have developed a proprietary portfolio of functional flavors and active components specially designed for wellness beverages. This partnership, born for the purpose of doing joint research and development projects, will be launching a premium line of functional flavors on September 2020 in Colorado and California.

Eybna was founded in Israel and has established itself as a leader in innovation and design of unique custom terpene formulations, all from natural sources. Aseppak was founded in California and has established a new R&D center in Colorado.

Aseppak is committed to bringing some of the leading international talents to its fresh Denver Tech Center (DTC) facility. Eybna has joined this collective of innovation-oriented companies that will continue to perform joint research and development projects for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry.

The CPG world is in constant need to understand what the consumer is looking for. By establishing this partnership Aseppak and Eybna will be able to leverage clinical and market data to support every new formulation.

The collective’s new portfolio is the result of interdisciplinary research involving 2 international teams. It includes CBD and terpene blends, as well as natural molecules designed for consumers looking for functionality and natural ingredients. 

Eybna’s recent finding on its NT-VRL formulation will be also integrated in this mutual portfolio, and the companies are now progressing on the development of functional beverages.

 The formulas include:

  • Workout formulation

  • AM formulation

  • PM formulation 

  • Revive formulation 

  • Hangover formulation

  • Restore formulation 

  • Immune formulation 

The partnership between Eybna and Aseppak is a game-changer for the beverage industry. Market data shows a consistent growth for wellness beverages in the US, defined as those that the consumer conceives as “a better choice health-wise”.

The data also shows an important increment in the consumption of natural ingredients with functional benefits such as turmeric, horehound, echinacea and CBD. CBD drinks alone are growing at a great rhythm and are expected to grow at an exceptional pace in the next few years.

The secret to the next generation of wellness beverages lies in achieving the best balance between nature and science. Keeping it natural, while enhancing the nutritional and functional effects generated by the combinations of these ingredients with the highest quality processing and in the most sustainable style of packaging.

The collective expects to launch a new set of functional formulas by Q1-Q2 2021. The companies will continue to collaborate and service those brands who are looking to give these consumers thirsty for the new, the good and the safe. The Denver Tech Center facility is constantly bringing together brands, technology and science in its specially designed innovation workspace.

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Source: Aseppak