This American Invention by Thomas Delor is Revolutionizing the Way to Drive a Vehicle by Reducing Fuel Consumption From 20% to Up to 50% by Using the Universal Force of Inertia Discovered by Isaac Newton in 1686

"Inertia" is a force known as the second law of motion. The first law of motion is gravity. Inertia is invisible and universal, making an object (car, boat, airplane, ball or object in space) continue to move in the same direction without the use of its man-made propulsion.

It took more than 300 years to "display" the Inertia of a vehicle. Invented by a retired ex- aeronautical engineer to help his daughter save fuel during her daily commutes, it is a small device mounted on the windshield or the dashboard. By "seeing" the vehicle's inertia, she could manage the gas pedal to eco-drive (E-Drive) to lower fuel consumption. 

Because the driver improves his driving unconsciously by Pavlovian Reflex, the inventor called it "The EcoTraineR."  It is solely activated by the vehicle's true inertia (US patented). Until now, car manufacturers thought that the vehicle's Inertia was reflected by the pressure in the vacuum line and they used a pressure-gauge connected to a green light to show and trigger E-Driving, saving up to 10% fuel.  

The EcoTraineR is unconsciously improving the way to drive a vehicle. It is a common knowledge that E-Driving reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emission. We can help our country by E-Driving our cars to save from 20% to 50% fuel. In a near future, E-Driving will become popular and practiced by billions of drivers worldwide. The EcoTraineR arrival is timely and a historical hit for driving our vehicles securely. 

The Alliance grouping the 12 largest automobile manufacturers worldwide stated recently that "If all Americans practiced E-Driving, it would be equal to traveling 450 to 900 billion miles with zero emission. That's 1,500 to 3,000 CO2 free miles for every man, woman, and child in the U.S.A. each year." 

The Ecotrainer does not need any installation: It can be mounted on the dashboard or windshield like a GPS or radar detector, and most drivers will recoup its cost within months. E-Driving gives America the opportunity to lead the world by example. How to drive is more important that what to drive, whether we drive a Mini, a Prius, a Hummer or a truck. 

If you need more information, access any of the 76,000 unsolicited articles reported by Google using the keyword: "eco-driving." You can try the EcoTraineR free of charge for 15 days. 
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