This $1000 Kravet Giveaway Can Renovate Your Space


This month, L.A. Design Concepts is giving away $1000 of Kravet Inc product, any wallpaper or designer fabric of your choice to a single lucky winner. You can enter here. One might wonder what could be done with such product, but the extent of some simple upholstery or even covering a single wall to a small room with new wallpaper can drastically uplift the overall feeling of your space. It doesn't stop with just upholstery, there are many uses for the fabric to alter and change the mood of an environment.

It's often perceived that fabric is an underrated design element when working with interiors. This is false due to its high versatility. In the photo above using Kravet Fabric, the designer has transcended the space to flow perfectly with colors and style.

Different fabric uses within your space include:

  • Upholstery for furniture including sofas, chairs, etc.
  • Drapery, as curtains in different lengths and uses and a multitude of rooms
  • Cushions and pillow covers used to accent any furniture or décor
  • Table cloths and sheets or other bedding

The Marco Ricca photograph, ‘Virginieticking’ drapery, ‘Coniston Velvet’ chairs, you can see a small interior that has been overhauled with the tactical use of fabric. The seats upholstered in 'Living Coral' velvets, topped with custom cushions immediately draw one's eye to what could be a dull setting. Using coordinating fabric that contains the same highlighted colors the drapes bring another element of life to the room. The simplicity of simple change like upholstery is a powerful element to controlling your space to be tailored to your personal design.

Kravet Couture's Bambu Fret wallcovering

The long-lived trend of stark white walls and bare minimal hardware and furniture finally seems to be on its way out. Looking towards the future, interior design is more centered around unique taste and portraying a sense of personality or style. An alternative way to achieve this personal sense of style or uniquely curated look is the walls. The wallpaper in a room can completely change the entire atmosphere and mood of a room.

The predominant color within a wallpaper or wallcovering pattern can directly affect your emotions or feelings. It's something that should be taken into consideration when choosing the wallpaper.

  •  Red - the color is often associated with high energy and stimulation. Often a great pick for an entryway or a dining room for the reasons of stimulating hunger and conversation. This lively color is bold and exciting.
  • Yellow - while wallpaper and wallcovering with this tone are often associated with cheeriness and happiness, sometimes this color can be too overstimulating. We recommend using this as an accent color or in tasteful placement. For example, a wallcovering or wallpaper with predominantly yellow highlighting or features would be excellent for a single wall to add excitement or drama.
  •  Blue - is often a relaxing color associated lowering blood pressure. This is why so many people use wallpaper with heavy navy and sky blue influences in bedrooms and bathrooms. Avoid them in the kitchen or living room because you could feel sluggish or even depressed.
  • Green - the color of nature can feel refreshing and relaxing. Since this color is complex and has many hues its use it's highly versatile. Wallpapers incorporating plant life and green are a great way to bring this serenity inside. 

It's clear to see how some simple home uplifting with new wallpaper or fabric can give that freshly renovated sensation that many seek out. Without the big bill of renovating an entire space, you can save for other life experiences while still living fresh. With the help of L.A. Design Concepts, this isn't a farfetched reality, we represent all of the top designer brands such as Schumacher FabricBrunschwig and Fils FabricPindler FabricLee Jofa Fabric, and many others. Lasting quality is of the most importance for a sustainable home. 

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