ThinkWare Announces the Launch of Its New Employee

ThinkWare releases new Employee On Boarding.

ThinkWare today announced the general availability of its latest release of Employee On-Boarding.  The new release represents a complete re-write of ThinkWare’s existing Employee On-Boarding system.

The new On-Boarding system allows PEO and ASO client companies the ability to customize their client on-boarding experience in an easy to use manner with an intuitive and attractive user experience.  It is highly customizable and flexible to meet the complex demands of PEO and ASO providers.

“This is the first phase in our long-term development efforts for our software and represents a new culture at ThinkWare.  We are investing heavily in our product development efforts.  We have a very clear path that ensures the long-term success of our clients and we are progressing down that path.  Our clients are excited about the new direction of the company and our products.  We aren’t interested in a quick-fix; we are in this for the long haul.”

Later this year ThinkWare will be releasing the full re-write of its DarwiNet product along with many other enhancements to its back-office product (Darwin).  Next year will see additional releases for DarwiNet as well as extensive updates to the Darwin ERP system for PEO and ASO companies.

About ThinkWare, Inc.

Since 1994, ThinkWare has been a leader in providing integrated software systems designed for PEO and ASO companies throughout the country.  Our clients range in size from tens of thousands of employees to start-ups.  Partnered with Microsoft, ThinkWare is the only provider of a true ERP system designed for the PEO/ASO industry and offers all the necessary functionality to provide full service software solutions.

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