ThinkDiffusionXL: A Groundbreaking Free A.I. Art Model for the Open-Source Community

Announcing ThinkDiffusion's Latest Innovation, the ThinkDiffusionXL (TDXL) Model, the Ultimate Free AI Art Model for Realistic and Diverse Creations With Easy Prompts

The New Standard in Realism for Stable Diffusion

Just launched: ThinkDiffusionXL (TDXL) — the latest and most advanced Stable Diffusion model to hit the open-source community. Designed for artists, creators, and developers, TDXL is not just another AI model; it's the premier model for photorealism and all-around performance, all without the steep learning curve of complex prompting.

A Herculean Effort in Training 

With over 750 hours dedicated to training and meticulous hand-captioning of images taking up to 400 hours, the TDXL team has developed a model that stands out in the crowd. The training involved 1.8 million steps, dwarfing other models like Juggernaut and RealVisXL, and was conducted over a 42GB dataset of more than 10,000 diverse images. Our smallest resolution starts at 1365x2048, scaling up to an impressive 4622x6753, ensuring that every detail is captured with clarity.

Unmatched Detail and Quality 

The TDXL model shines in its attention to detail. Unlike other XL models that struggle with background details and features like eyes and skin, TDXL brings an unparalleled level of realism. This is the result of our expansive and high-quality dataset, which contains twice the image material of Juggernaut and significantly more than RealVisXL.

More Versatility Less Bias 

In an effort to provide a balanced and more unbiased artistic experience, TDXL has been trained with an equal number of images for each style and category. This lessens the common biases found in other models, allowing for true creative freedom whether you’re looking for a landscape, portrait, full-body shot, or anything in between.

Ease of Use and Accessibility 

ThinkDiffusionXL champions ease of use with simple prompting that yields high-quality images with less effort. The model stands alone, requiring no additional refinements, and is provided in the Safetensors format, safeguarded against any trojans, ensuring a safe and seamless creative process.

Committed to the Open-Source Ethos 

In alignment with our commitment to the open-source ethos, TDXL is and always will be completely free to use for any purpose. We believe in democratizing creativity and are proud to contribute to a community that thrives on collaboration and innovation.

Get Started With ThinkDiffusionXL 

Ready to explore the capabilities of TDXL? It's preinstalled on ThinkDiffusion and available for free on all open-source model download sites. Experience the power of a model trained for all art styles and photorealism, where ease of use, detail, and inclusivity come together to create the ultimate tool for AI art generation.

To learn more about the TD-XL model, visit our model page.

To get started using it, visit

Source: Think Diffusion Inc.