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For the first time, Nebraska Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), enjoyed Medicare shared savings. In fact, three of Nebraska’s eight ACOs earned savings, with Think Whole Person Healthcare leading the pack. 

Of the more than $17.4 million saved in 2017, Think led the way with 28.5% of the total. These savings are even more meaningful considering that Think serves less than 6.5% of the state’s overall Medicare ACO population. Delivering savings per patient of $592, this is one-and-a-half times more savings than the next highest ACO in the state.

“The fact that three of eight ACOs in Nebraska enjoyed shared savings in 2017 says we are doing a lot right to benefit the health of our citizens. We’re pleased to be leading this change in Nebraska healthcare,” said Think CEO, Rick Pane. 

Think Whole Person Healthcare delivered the state’s lowest cost of care in 2017 at $8,798. This represents a savings of $1,244 over the Nebraska average of $10,042 and a savings of $2,067 when compared to the national average of $10,865. Think also achieved the state’s highest overall quality rating of 98.94%.

Think ranked number one in eight out of the top thirty quality measures and ranked eighth in quality out of the nation’s 472 ACOs. No ACO with higher quality had lower costs. 

In the state of Nebraska, Think achieved the highest overall quality rating of 98.94%. Think ranked 29th in costs nationally and no ACO with lower costs achieved a higher quality ranking. Out of the nation’s 472 ACOs, only 162 of them achieved savings in 2017.

“The statistics show that our healthcare model is making a positive impact. Think emphasizes primary care to keep our patients healthy and out of the hospital where a majority of healthcare costs are accrued,” said Think Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Joe Miller. “In 2017, we saw an average of 250 hospitalizations per 1,000 patients versus the national average of 325. That represents a 20% difference in the number of hospitalizations for Think patients against the national average. This is why we say our patients stay the healthiest.”  


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