theTUNDRA Enthusiast Network Spotlights New Technology at World Ag Expo 2020

New Tech Products Leading Agriculture Industry Growth in U.S. and Worldwide

L.A.-based special interest enthusiast network theTUNDRA explored the latest and greatest in agriculture manufacturing and technology on display at the 2020 World Ag Expo, hosted this past week for the 53rd consecutive year in Tulare, California.

Monet couldn’t have painted a sky this hue of blue, puddling like drapery over mountains so majestic that the closer people think they are getting, the further away they realize they actually are. It’s ethereal, really, this outdoor convention where the wall to the east is the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The boots on this ground, more than 212,000 boots, not only know the feeling of morning dew, having walked thousands of miles of America’s farmland, but also recognize the sound of hand-over-heart patriotism, halting instantaneously at the first note of the National Anthem played over the loudspeakers throughout this 100-acre event, otherwise known as the 2020 World Ag Expo.

If there’s a heartland outside of the Midwest, it’s in Tulare, California. Here, sprawled across the vast, wide-open spaces of the great American west, is, fittingly, the great American spirit of optimism was personified by the 103,000 agriculture industry pros who attended this event, which feels more like a tight-knit community than it does the world’s largest outdoor agricultural manufacturing show. In a digital world that often divides more than it unites, it’s no wonder ag experts and enthusiasts from 65 countries traveled the globe to central California to participate in this event, located 200 miles north of L.A. and 240 miles south of San Francisco.

American farmers are not the braggadocious type – selfies are not in their DNA, nor is neediness, as evidenced by their stick-to-itiveness in a commercial environment too quick, and often erroneous, to use labels like organic and non-GMO. While certain products are busy deflecting and distracting, promoting their views using professional photography they post on Instagram, American farmers remain intensely focused on the job at hand, too honorable to engage with social media and too busy feeding the U.S., and the world, to retaliate.

With annual revenues generating more than $160 billion, agriculture is the U.S.’s biggest export, providing food to more countries than any other nation in the world – a heavy load considering American farmers constitute 2% of America’s population. Like every other operationally intensive industry, American agriculture is turning to the latest and greatest tech to produce more at less cost.  

Here are just a handful of the machinery and technology that was on display at this year’s World Ag Expo:

GUSS Robotic Orchard Sprayer – GUSS (Global Unmanned Spray System) keeps modern ag businesses moving. Up to eight of these futuristic-looking autonomous spraying vehicles can be monitored by one employee from the comfort of a pickup truck with a laptop. They help farmers increase efficiency, precision and safety and most GUSS operators see ROI within three years.

The Harvestar By Littau – This new type of harvester makes apple harvesting easier, faster and more efficient than ladder picking. It lets workers pick at a steady pace rather than waste time moving their ladders around.

The Gearmore Precision Vegetable Seeder – These amazing machines are designed for extremely accurate vegetable seed placement. The turbine fan or hydraulic drive creates a vacuum that draws seeds against the seed plates. Easy to operate and maintain, this durable planter efficiently handles even the smallest of seeds.

The Solectrac Electric Tractor – Electric tractors are more efficient, cost less to operate and are extremely quiet compared to diesel tractors. They’re a zero-emission alternative to diesel tractors. Chargeable by renewable energy, like wind and solar, they’re the wave of the tractor future.

ALUS Nutrition by Cainthus – ALUS uses computer vision, smart cameras and artificial intelligence to passively monitor cows and their environment 24/7, analyzing their well-being, productivity and performance. Cainthus’ technology is helping the ag world learn more about cows than we’ve ever known.

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