Thermaldyne Partners With Thompson for Plant Operations

Partnership Brings Benefits for Current and Future Growth

Thermaldyne, an environmental solutions company benefiting oil refineries, today announces its partnership with Thompson, a leading provider of construction, operations and maintenance and industrial services. Beginning Aug. 1, Thompson now manages operations for the Thermaldyne plant, located in Port Allen, LA.    

Thermaldyne utilizes innovative technology to reclaim oil bearing materials in a clean, proven and accepted process that separates oil bearing material into treated water, reclaimable assets and solids. Unlike traditional reclamation processes that are cradle-to-grave, Thermaldyne recycles not just the oil that comes through its doors, but also the water and catalysts, with a goal of 100% sustainable practices.

“We’ve worked hard to create a cradle-to-cradle approach for oil refineries in the Gulf Region,” states Randall Tolbert, CEO of Thermaldyne. “It’s partnerships like this, with Thompson, that will allow us to continue to find ways to redefine the oil refinery industry. We are excited to have Thompson on board to aid in operations, their track record is impeccable and what they can offer us in terms of future growth, both at the North Line plant and future recycling facilities, is invaluable.”

Through this partnership, Thompson will provide support with operations and maintenance for the Thermaldyne plant. With a focus on safety and compliance, Thompson brings a wealth of expertise to Thermaldyne, most notably in regard to its safety record and unparalleled programs for operational excellence.

“Thermaldyne has created a great deal of excitement in the oil and gas industry over the last few years as it worked to become operational,” states Greg Thompson, CEO and Co-founder of Thompson Construction Group. “We’re enthusiastic for the opportunity to partner with them for not only their current operations and maintenance needs, but also for the road ahead, which looks to be optimistic for this potential high growth company.”

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Thermaldyne, an environmental solutions company, uses innovative technologies to reclaim oil bearing materials in a sustainable, clean and efficient manner that saves a company time, money and resources. The company’s reclamation plant design separates oil bearing materials into treated water, reclaimable oil and recyclable solids. Thermaldyne’s leadership team comprises professionals with decades of experience in the environmental management and oil and gas industries.


Thompson is one of the leading contractors in the Southeast. The company, which began in 1986, has enjoyed sustained growth over the years by offering superior services to its clients. Thompson performs industrial and general contracting construction, maintenance and plant operations, power services, disaster recovery and custom fabrication through their Thompson Construction Group, Inc. Thompson Industrial Services, LLC provides hydroblast, vacuuming, chemical cleaning and Life Cycle Solutions along with additional specialty services.

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