ThermaGEL Innovations Conquers a 90-Year-Old Challenge to Make Aerogels Low Cost and More Efficient for Commercial Building Retrofits

In an industry where innovation meets sustainability, the Aerogel of the future has arrived. As a pioneering climate materials solutions company ThermaGEL is propelling Aerogel technology into a new era of efficiency and affordability.

ThermaGEL Panel

ThermaGEL emerges as a beacon of progress, delivering rigid, moisture-proof, mold-proof, fireproof, and acoustically effective aerogels for insulation. These advancements come at a crucial time as building owners strive to meet Zero Net Energy goals and increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

Dr. Massimo "Max" Bertino, Chief Technology Officer at ThermaGEL, shares his excitement, "We've achieved remarkable breakthroughs in recent months, enhancing the thermal effectiveness of our panels by 20% while simultaneously slashing costs by 20%. Our independent testing confirms our leadership position in the industry."

The ongoing commitment to innovation doesn't stop there. With current orders fulfilled at $2.49 per square foot, ThermaGEL anticipates driving down costs even further. By Q4 2025, entry-level R13 panels are projected under $2.00, with further reductions below $1.50 by 2026. Remarkably, the high-end panels provide a continuous insulation R52 at just 3.5 inches thick.

ThermaGEL's impact extends beyond performance and cost savings. With bio-based versions of its aerogel underway, the company's reshaping the landscape, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of its material supply chain and manufacturing process and transforming the economics of insulation solutions.

Everett Carpenter, Chief Operating Officer, remarks, "If there's a bleeding edge in insulation, we're it!" He emphasizes, "Reducing carbon emissions and enhancing thermal insulation in commercial buildings' aging infrastructure is at the heart of our mission, and Local Law 97 in New York City and Title 24 in California are just two initiatives that will drive sales and where we will be supporting industry-leading performance.”

ThermaGEL's headquarters, in Richmond Virginia's burgeoning tech hub, serves as the epicenter of its relentless pursuit of innovation.  CMO Adam Matalon highlights "Regardless of cause, warm buildings are getting hotter and cool buildings are getting colderAs buildings face increasingly extreme temperatures, our solutions stand ready to make a substantial impact. Whether upgrading existing structures or overlaying new construction, ThermaGEL offers a seamless, efficient solution with minimal disruption. We know it’s not ‘if’, but ‘when’ we service these upgrades."

With approximately 130 million structures squandering $150 billion in energy annually, ThermaGEL is set on disrupting the $61 billion global construction market. By delivering cost reductions, energy savings, and unparalleled environmental benefits, ThermaGEL will revolutionize the way the world builds and insulates.

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ThermaGEL Innovations is a climate materials solutions company at the forefront of groundbreaking insulation technology. Our patented science and technology offer a comprehensive solution that prioritizes sustainability, safety, and efficiency. ThermaGEL is dedicated to reshaping the future of thermal insulation for a greener, more sustainable world.

Source: ThermaGEL Innovations