Therigy® Partners With University of Virginia to Create Interoperability Between Their Specialty Pharmacy Patient Therapy Management System, TherigySTM, and EHR System, Epic

TherigySTM EHR integration enhances communications and data integrity

Therigy®, the trusted provider for specialty pharmacy patient therapy management software and services, announced today that it has partnered with the UVA Health (UVA) Specialty Pharmacy, a TherigySTM customer, to deliver an electronic health record (EHR) integration that improves communications between their pharmacy, providers, and patients.

Therigy's EHR integration deploys a bi-directional exchange of UVA's patient data between the health system's EHR and clinical activities completed within their specialty pharmacy patient therapy management system, TherigySTM. Therigy's data team worked hand in hand with UVA's IT team to securely integrate UVA's patient data. Through a series of API exchanges and various testing phases, UVA's patient data is now integrated real-time between both systems.

With Therigy's EHR integration, UVA now can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Improved patient safety with the aim of preventing errors and checking for incomplete patient data
  • Increased pharmacy staff productivity
  • Reduced healthcare costs
  • Enhanced communication and coordination between pharmacy and providers

"Interoperability is a necessity to achieving transformational goals in healthcare," said Joe Morse, President of Therigy. "Our EHR integration solution empowers UVA Health Specialty Pharmacy to streamline their operational workflows and technologies, ultimately delivering unified data and measurable results." 

With the COVID-19 pandemic underscoring the importance of leveraging technology for greater patient management, Therigy is uniquely empowering its customers. Therigy's EHR integration solution is built to meet customers wherever they are on their interoperability journey so they can rapidly grow their pharmacy and prove outcomes. Learn more about Therigy's EHR integration here: 

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