There Is Finally a One-Stop Information Centre for Hair Loss Treatments in Turkey has created a buzz in the market for hair loss treatments in Turkey through its easy to understand, viral content.

Good news for the residents of Turkey! There is finally a one-stop platform that provides all information related to Hair loss and its treatment options in Turkey.Hairloss is the most common problem discussed over coffee-tables these days. The markets are also filled with players claiming to resolve hairloss issues through various natural or cosmetic techniques. But the number of people testifying that these methods don’t work only increase day by day. has come as a sigh of relief for such people in Turkey.It provides all information regarding hair loss – from causes to treatment. There is so much said and written about hair loss that most of the times all this information can get confusing and over-whelming. And finding end-to-end information regarding the causes, the treatment options, relevant clinics and centres etc.can be tedious too. Correcthair provides a consolidated view of all the relevant information making it extremely easy for treatment seekers to understand their options.

As per a spokesperson from Correcthair “the intention behind coming up with was that we wanted to empower the hair loss treatment seekers with information. We wanted them to understand what could be causing their hair loss, what treatments were available for them and where could they get them at a cost that fit his budget.” provides regular updates about what’s new in the hair transplant treatment world. It also provides information on the relevant medications available in the market, their compositions and their costs. Some of the interesting reads available are on surgical procedures of treating hair loss. Articles on types of hair transplant (FUT vs FUE), artificial grafting, Stem cell cloning etc. provide detailed information about these procedures listing down their pros and cons and help one take an informed decision if they wish to get the procedures done. 

Another important issue faced by a person seeking hair loss treatment is finding the right hair care centre where these procedures are done. Correcthair provides a solution to this issue by listing down the hospitals and hair care centres that specialize in any or some of these procedures. Apart from listing the hospitals and hair care centres the website also provides a brief of the hospital that includes the services provided by the hospital, the amenities available, staffing etc. This helps the user evaluate and compare treatment centres which in turn aids the final decision making.

The other information available on www.correcthair.comthat is being highly appreciated by its users, is the listing of average prices for hair loss treatment services in Turkey. It could be a financial shock for one when their dermatologist tells them that the treatment they had researched so much about was going to weigh heavy on their pocket. To save treatment seekers from this shock, the website lists the average estimated expense of getting them done. These costs could vary from centre to centre but a ball-park estimate helps one prepare for the expenses to come. 

Correcthairalso provides discussion forums for treatment seekers to discuss their doubts and views regarding certain treatments, treatment centres, doctors or surgeons. Be it their queries or their experiences, website viewers can connect with each other and share their opinions. A spokesperson from informed,“Even with all the information, knowing about the experience of someone else who underwent a specific treatment can be very essential in making a treatment decision. Especially when it comes to hair transplant, curiosity around success rates, treatment time taken, regular hair care regimes, everything matters to a treatment seeker. We wanted to make sure that these people are able to connect with those who have already gone through these treatments and get all their questions answered.” 

The efforts of seem to be making life easier for many in Turkey. The way information is consolidated and presented is commendable. The website has widened its reach and viewership by presenting all the information in Turkish which has made it even more popular amongst the locals. For those looking for solutions and treatments for their hair loss problems in Turkey, is worth a try. 

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