Thematic Delivers the Future of Customer Insights with 'Answers' AI

The groundbreaking new generative AI feature gives everyone the power to get customer insights on the spot from unstructured customer feedback data.

Thematic uses AI-powered text analytics to transform large volumes of unstructured customer feedback into actionable insights. Now, their new GPT-powered Thematic Answers can be used by anyone– from expert analysts to novice users in the C-suite or frontline operations – to get those insights by simply typing a question.

Thematic’s customer feedback analytics software is used by major customer-led companies, including LinkedIn, Instacart, and DoorDash, to help them identify how to create a better user experience. Thematic’s founder and CEO, Dr. Alyona Medelyan, has been cited by more than 3,000 researchers for her academic work on how AI can deliver trusted insights from customer feedback.

Answers is the latest breakthrough innovation from Thematic and dramatically shifts how decision-makers across the company can get insights into customer needs and perceptions from feedback across channels.

Thematic’s analysis suite has always given analysts and researchers an easy way to extract and report on meaningful insights from themes and patterns discovered in masses of unstructured text like customer reviews. The analysis tools make it easy to identify recurring themes, quantify their effects on NPS and other metrics, spot emerging issues, and share results in dashboards and visualizations.

With Answers, every team and individual can harness Thematic’s powers through a simple conversational interface. A user selects the data source, types in their question, and Answers generates a response within seconds. For example, a user could ask, "Why did refund complaints increase?" or "What issues are premium customers raising this month?" or use a relevant question supplied by Answers.

Answers provides a detailed, narrative response, with links to the analysis sources. It's all backed by quantified results, powerful visualizations, and verified customer quotes. Users can ask questions about a single data source, or multiple datasets, making it easy to break down data silos. By connecting all of Thematics' analysis powers in a simple interface, Answers speeds the analytics process and empowers people throughout an organization.

Thematic’s transparent AI approach makes it easy to see how the AI delivered a result and for researchers to guide the AI’s analysis of customer chat, survey responses and reviews. For example, you can see why 30% of feedback is about "cancellations," and guide the AI how to split this theme into more granular detail so you allocate the insight to different teams. This collaborative AI and human approach is why Thematic is so good at delivering specific insights. It’s why researchers are comfortable letting people throughout the company use Answers to get insights that are relevant to them.

"Answers gives companies the means to democratize insights and truly drive customer-obsessed decision-making," said Medelyan, Thematics' CEO and founder. "The possibilities that this tool provides for companies to be truly customer-led, or customer-obsessed, are endless."

With a beta version released to clients in June, the feature has already been market-tested. Over the next six months, Thematic has iterated the tool to ensure it delivers security, privacy, and result accuracy that has won Thematic's devoted clients at dozens of companies.

"Our customers love Answers," Medelyan said. "One reviewer called it a '5/5 for value.' Some of our customers want to give this to everyone in their company, reflecting how much they trust the results."

Answers is now available to all current Thematic core seat users. With the purchase of Explorer Seats, clients can also give access to anyone in their organization who needs quick access to customer insights.

"We're excited that the launch of Answers expands the ability of Thematics to help companies unleash the full potential of customer feedback," Medelyan said. "We believe that the way we use AI is the only way you can empower companies to make fast, confident decisions from customer insights."

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About Thematic
Thematic is a powerful feedback analytics software platform that helps companies make sense of customer feedback at scale. The platform analyzes unstructured feedback data from a wide range of sources, including surveys, reviews, chat logs, and support tickets. Powered by cutting-edge AI, the analytics model transforms this data into insights so companies can eliminate customer pain points and identify opportunities.

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