Thematic Announces Validation of Its AI System Through Cassie Kozyrkov's 3 Criteria

Thematic, a leading provider of AI-driven insight solutions, announces the validation of its AI system through Cassie Kozyrkov's criteria for assessing AI decision-making. 

Empowering Better Decisions with a data culture and AI 

In today's fast-changing business world, making good decisions with the right data is key to success. With artificial intelligence (AI) technology advancing rapidly, businesses have new ways to use data for better results. How well do we understand “the decision maker behind the curtain”? Cassie Kozyrkov, Google's Former Chief Decision Scientist, has built a set of criteria to evaluate the quality of AI decision-making. Thematic, a leader in AI-powered feedback analytics, ran their platform through the "Kozyr criteria" to verify that the platform passed the test. In doing so, they’ve proven that their clear and understandable AI makes it easier for businesses to make the right decisions to improve their products, experiences and operations.

More and more companies are finally embracing using artificial intelligence. With it, they are becoming more effective in using all their data to uncover insights for their organization. Understanding how AI is analyzing your data is as important as choosing the tools to automate the AI’s decisions. Yet, while 99% of organizations are trying to become more data-driven, only a third believe they successfully get value from their data.  

Thematic believes that understanding how AI has analyzed data is necessary as it ensures a high quality of information. This supports business leaders to trust the insights and make better decisions and helps them build a data culture at scale across their organizaiton.

While traditional AI systems are straightforward and seemingly easy to understand, they are usually created with a big set of rules. While you can see how the data was analyzed, it’s challenging to look at the rules and keep the rules up to date, and it can be costly to get insights customized to your business. On the other end of the spectrum, many modern AI solutions like GPT closely guard their processes and are, for all intents and purposes, a black-box approach. Both scenarios make it hard to validate and trust the AI results.   

Thematic has built a system that makes it clear and understandable how the AI analyzed the data, by bridging the gap between transparent rule-based systems and scalable black-box AI.

Cassie Kozyrkov recently shared three key criteria she uses to evaluate AI systems, also known as the Kozyr criteria: 

  1. First identify what the AI system is built to do - what is the objective of the platform? 
  2. Check if AI has access to the right data for the job it’s meant to do. 
  3. Lastly, identify if AI works as intended. 

"If you know these three things, you know a lot about the system,” Kozyrkov says. “You know a lot about its risks and how it might benefit some people more than others, for example. And you know a lot about what could go wrong with it right off the bat." 

Whenever Thematic’s AI is deployed on a new project, the company evaluates that their AI system will support effective decision-making for the use case. Here they’ve shared how the three Kozyr criteria can be used to evaluate Thematic AI: 

4. What is the objective of Thematic? 

Thematic's AI system is designed with a clear objective: to transform large volumes of unstructured data, such as survey open ends, product reviews and support conversations, into a clear understanding of issues, so organizations make better decisions and drive business growth. 

5. What is the data, and is it the right data for the job? 

Thematic ingests Voice of Customer and Voice of Employee data gathered through surveys, apps and experience management tools. Thematic’s extensive data-cleaning library verifies that the data does not have duplicates, checks that all sensitive information is redacted and the data is complete and current. There is also an interface in the platform where users can validate the quality of the source data, building trust and confidence that the insights are generated on relevant data. 

6. How do you know if Thematic works to get the insights you intended?: 

Here, Thematic was built after testing on thousands of millions of feedback pieces, across a range of industries. The AI is built to understand the idiosyncrasies of feedback, written in short sentences, with complaints, requests, and conversational phrases shared across surveys, chat, reviews, and other sources.  

Users can also easily review if the AI delivers results that make sense, given the data it’s analyzed.  

For example, for a piece of feedback on a webcam, “Get’s the job done, but it’s not cheap!”, you can glance at the original comment to see if both the positive and the negative sentiment are highlighted, along with themes of Product Functions, Price, and Value for money.  

Throughout Thematic’s platform, you can see how the AI has analyzed a phrase. The themes and the sentiment are highlighted in the original voice of customer data, and its metadata can be verified in one click. 

“It’s like looking under the hood to check everything is working,” said Mick Stapleton, Head Analyst of Feedback at Atlassian.  

When you’re looking for insights, you also want to be sure you get a consistent answer from analyzing the same data. A human may deliver a different answer on a different day, depending on what else has influenced them. Generative AI tools will often be inconsistent as the AI draws from a different batch of data each time. If you type a question into Thematic Answers, you can check that the AI delivers the narrative answer and quantified themes when drawing from the same data. 

In addition, users can easily check if the AI delivers similar results to manual or pre-existing analysis, with a subset of their data. For example, you can run 200 rows of data through Thematic and see how it compares to their existing analysis. 

Thematic helps everyone in the business make better decisions faster by making the analysis clearly visible and easy to understand. With Thematic, businesses can use AI confidently to drive customer-led decisions in today's fast-moving and competitive world. 

"We are proud to help organizations build data cultures with AI that meets Cassie Kozyrkov's criteria," said Alyona Medelyan, CEO at Thematic. "Our mission is to empower businesses with reliable insights that drive informed decision-making and fuel growth. By adhering to these criteria, we ensure that our platform delivers actionable insights that our users can trust."

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About Thematic: 
Thematic is a leading provider of AI-driven insight solutions, empowering organizations to transform unstructured data into actionable insights. With a commitment to transparency, data quality, and validation processes, Thematic enables businesses to make better decisions faster, driving sustainable growth and innovation. 

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