TheatreWorld Backdrops, LLC Announces The Release Of Its New Digital Projection Library To Its Clients

TheatreWorld Backdrops produces the highest quality scenic backdrop and themed drapery offerings in the USA and Canada for SpecialEvent Planners, Theaters, Dance Companies, Concerts Producers and more.

TheatreWorld Backdrops, providers of the finest Broadway-quality scenic backdrops for rent and purchase to the theatrical, special event and corporate communities, very excited to announce the release of its new online digital projection library to its customers.

TheateWorld's digital library is being offered to its customers for multiple purposes. It is designed to provide Producers, Directors, and Planners with an initial set of planning tools at a low cost to assist them in show or event planning with their supporting set, costume planning, and design. Limited-use, electronic images will give the production team access to a portable and/or projectable copy of the exact backdrop(s) they have selected months in advance. It will also provide Directors, Planners, and their Teams with usable reference images to match colors, styles, eras, etc.

In addition to the planning activities above, resolutions are available to support media collateral development for the show or event using the actual backdrop(s) that will be deployed during the performances. Image resolutions are available to support Web-based marketing efforts, Program, Flyer, Poster, Promotion videos, and Mailer development.

Members of the TheatreWorld team have been working with multiple theatre, entertainment, and media development companies for years planning and implementing marketing and image campaigns in support of events ranging from large personal parties, Casino-style touring shows, up to and including Theatrical Mega-Hits. The TheatreWorld team would welcome the opportunity to discuss your event and plans with you.

Anyone renting or purchasing a scenic backdrop from TheatreWorld, beginning immediately, will receive free by Email a digital Image (1920 x 960px @ 72dpi) with the confirmation of their order for limited-use as a planning tool and for deployment on their website announcing the show or event. Higher resolutions are available for purchase. Please visit the TheatreWorld website for details; it is scheduled to launch 01.01.2012.

Beyond marketing and planning for the growing number of venues that have high-quality projection equipment, TheatreWorld will begin, early in 2012, offering a selection of its scenic imagery in very-high resolution digital format at incredibly budget-friendly prices. According to Mike Mathews, TheatreWorld's Creative Director, the first complete show series to be offered digitally in its entirety will be the Phantom of the Opera series, that TheatreWorld Backdrops recently commissioned from artists around the world. TheatreWorld is highlighting the Phantom of the Opera series development cycle on their blog for all to see.

TheatreWorld Backdrops, LLC produces the highest quality scenic backdrop and themed drapery offerings in the USA and Canada for Special Event Planners, Theaters, Dance Companies, Concerts, Producers, and more. Most backdrops, panels, curtains, and banners are available for Rental or Purchase. TheatreWorld's selections are available in hand-painted and digitally-printed formats.