The Year of Online Marketplaces Is Over

The time of marketplaces is over. No more duplicates and replicas in the name of marketplace. 2016 will be the year of online brands. the online ethnic wear brand is here to dominate that year.

Think of a beautiful woman who has an event to attend. It is positive that she dresses up perfectly for the event. She spends hours browsing through various websites searching for an Anarkali suit. After a lot of effort, she finds one on a particular website. She orders it and then eagerly waits for the product. The suit reaches her in 10-15 days and she eagerly opens the product. The photo was a beautiful black Anarkali suit complete with embroidery and all that jazz. When she opens the product however, the suit looks very different from the photo and the material is all crap. She calls support guys who assure her about the 30 day deadline to return the product. She lodges a return request. The event is nearby, she has a return to lodge and money will come only after the Anarkali suit gets picked up, goes back to the seller and is confirmed that the product was the same shipped. She goes through all this trouble unaware that she bought a duplicate product. Her mood is completely spoilt and she rushes to buy a product offline.

She sums up the current mood among many online buyers today. Customers and Suppliers are not very satisfied with the 30 day return especially with bad reverse pickup facilities for most overstretched courier companies. The 30 day return is not a pure play replacement for the 'touch and feel' concept.

Zohraa does not believe in the marketplace model. It is placed as an online brand where high emphasis is on curation of products rather than allowing suppliers to dump any product. Zohraa brings on board a complete different set of supplier base who bring kurtisanarkali suits and sarees online that are curated on the platform before they are put on. The idea is to bring a collection that suits the customer base of Zohraa

Zohraa ships all the orders from a central warehouse after stringent quality check. It has less than 2% returns because of quality or size issues. This is equivalent to the process put in place in offline companies which reduces the chances for defective products. The idea is to get it right the first time. The belief that Zohraa has is customers have a difficult time selecting the perfect dress and their time is as important as their money.  

Zohraa also has curated a set of designers for every customer type starting from 1500 to 15000 available at The idea is that of creating and building a designer base via the already famous offline Blacktaxi concept so that one can get their fantastic products online and give the customer exclusive curated products to choose from

The time of marketplaces is over. 2016 will be the year of online brands. the online ethnic wear brand is here to dominate that year.