The World's Only FINRA-Compliant Customer Journey Mapping Platform

A Vancouver-based Customer Journey Mapping platform is now able to serve FINRA regulated businesses, allowing companies and their advisors to see their advertising and marketing campaign performance in one beautiful dashboard, then to know where to focus their marketing efforts to maximize client acquisition and retention, by leveraging StrategyBox's cutting-edge AI.

Alexander Hill, Director, Business Development: "We're trusted to provide a secure, scalable way to measure marketing performance. The protection of our customer's data is central, evidenced by our CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Rights Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance. By securing FINRA-regulated customers this year, we now have the experience, processes and technology in place to support businesses that require FINRA compliance." 

StrategyBox is a customer journey mapping platform with offices in Vancouver, Canada, and London, England. The platform integrates with over 140 of the world's most trusted marketing platforms, saving 1000s of hours annually automating marketing reporting. Then using cutting edge AI provides recommendations on what to spend, and what advertising creative to use, to drive-up results. On average driving ad clickthrough rates up by 20%.  

StrategyBox gives marketers an unfair advantage and is becoming the way to measure marketing performance for companies in financial services. 

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